Suspension of Disbelief

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Je suis l’art

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What if you met the one, who you want to spend the rest of your life with? Close to perfection. Someone who just appeared in your life unexpectedly with a personality packed with an antibiotic that will take you to euphoria, a prowess of knowledge and art. But the problem is, it doesn’t quite fit..


What are you doing here?

I came after you. How could you leave me without saying anything?

It’s not my choice..

For just a kiss, don’t get me wrong it was a nice kiss..

You wouldn’t understand.

I’m sorry, i’m not very good at this. I have never made a fool of me in front of anyone else before, but I never felt this way before in my entire life.

What for just some guy you can’t have? And then next week you’re get to be on you next conquest. But what if you’re not?

What if everything in my entrire pathetic life which I happen to love has led me to this point, right now? What if you are the blinding light in the middle of the road that strikes me like the guy in …. in the Bible? And what if everything’s changed like that? What if you’re the one I have been waiting for my whole life and I let you go?

You have no idea what I’d be giving up.

What if this is it in stead? Me telling you I love you, right here… I think that is pretty miraculous. But if you don’t… I’ll go, you can pretend this was just some coincidence, you can pretend there wasn’t some reason we met. That you’re sorry I ever walked into your life.





Written by Patrick King Pascual

September 20, 2008 at 12:24 pm

Bay of Unmarried Gays

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Why do we trade a black Armani suit over a brand new car, exchange a higher model of mobile phone over a better job, and choose chocolate cake over chessecake?

More and more single gays are looking for certain something and that certain something does not evolve, it may have turned out that what we’re looking for is just staring in front us. In view of same evidence over and over again; we fail to stop and look at street signs, not finish our homework and ignore the formula for the nth time. A plus B is equals to X. But up until now, we’re still trying to figure out why X is always the sum of A plus B. In theory, X is always the unknown, but still – when one is added to one to make it a plus one it always ends p to one.

The increasing number of gays in the Metro is starting to spawn everywhere; when you go to food chains, malls, bars and clubs, along the street, you see gays anywhere. When you join a group of people, positive if not definite, one of them is gay; he may be out or he’s the discreet type. 

Most gays nowadays tend to hide their sexualities. It’s like a contagious disease that you’re not comfortable to discuss with anyone. But then gain, there are places where gays become very open, discuss anything they may have on their minds.

One place is the chatroom. This has been branded by most gays as the pool of gays looking for sex, one-night type of sex that is. But it isn’t all about sex really, its a world you enter where in you can experience your fantasies fulfilled. If you’re looking for an orgy, a threesome or an S&M partner, just keep looking harder in the main screen of each channels and there you will see the endless advertisements of the chatters.

But like few, there are few chatters who sign up o those channels not to look for sex but to look for partners, a relationship. Yes, it’s very tacky to look for a serious relationship in place like the chatroom, but if you’re lucky enough, the next guy who will mack you and ask for you asl might be the one. I met my ex, whom I stayed with for two years, in the chatroom.

Next place to spending much needed time at work and for most at the gym, bars and clubs are the next pit stop before a day completely ends. It’s more casual, one hangs out with his friends, drinks a couple of beers, vodka tonic or blue frog cocktails while discussing what they’ve been up to in the past few days since he last time they’ve met, or they guys they’ve been dated since the last time they were together, and of course, the endless comparison and bragging of series of guys they’ve had sex with since the last time they split up to go home after a hard partying.

And the highlight of a night-out is the dancing. Around 1 in the morning most dance floors are already crowded, full of gays dancing to their favorite anthems while holding a cocktail on the left and a cigarette on the right, hoping and waiting, that in any moment now, that if the DJ spins on the next song his favorite beat, he will bump into and meet the guy he will consider the one, at least only for that night.

A members-only place still exist in the world of gays they are call the bathhouse. Such place still exists in the Metro, where most of the patrons have to pay a certain amount to get a full access and a certain dress code is required for you to fully enjoy the establishment. There are about seven bathhouses that still exist and survive time in key places around the Metro.

50% of the gays who go into these places are the ones who see themselves as not worthy or not good enough to show off their stuff in broad public. But half of the patrons who are members are the ones who just want to feel good about themselves, they go into the baths to relax and feel uber proud of how they look, how good their body look, and to feel the enjoyment of more than three guys caressing and fondling his body while he gets off. And these are the type of gays who just want to give something back to the gays who only feel beautiful when it’s dark. It’s harsh but its true.

Gays get to have the best sex compared to straight people. They can choose and operate their fantasies with their partner without being judge, they can hook-up with anyone they fancy anytime they want. This all boils down to two types of gays; thee relationship-type and the non-relationship type.   

But in the end, labels don’t really matter. Gays just want to be of company with someone important to them, someone they care, someone they can get off without thinking of somebody else while reaching their peak, someone they can love.

Indeed, it’s a bay of unmarried gays, racing to meet “the one”, and it will take more than just their time to finally find him.  




Written by Patrick King Pascual

September 20, 2008 at 7:35 am

Suspension of Disbelief

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Suspension of disbelief. The temporary acceptance as believable of events or characters that would ordinarily be seen as incredible.

There are thousands and thousands of single gays living in the Metro…  

The audience tacitly agrees to provisionally suspend their judgement in exchange for the promise of entertainment and education.




Written by Patrick King Pascual

September 18, 2008 at 9:55 am

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