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Blue Fairies

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Last night, Anton and I decided to explore the stretch of E. Rodriguez for new adventures. Aside from the commercially-praised Fahrenheit Bathhouse, I heard that there are lots and lots of places to explore on that road. We’re out again for another ocular.


Blue Fairies Blue Bar.


It’s a 3-floor place that specially cater the needs of gays and bisexuals alike; on the first floor, where the main bar area is located, with videoke facilities available for anyone who’d like to sing while drinking, on the second floor, a smaller area than the first floor, the video room – you can enjoy watching blue films in the comfort of their soft couches, finally, on the third floor, it’s divided into two sections, on the left partition is a dark room – or on how they want to call it – “the activity”, where you can do whatever you want to do with your partner, and on the other partition is their second bar area but this is more darker and more intimate than of the first bar area.


When we got inside the place, we inquired if they’re charging their clients for memberships, the counter said that they don’t and that we only have to pay the entry charge which is PHP 120. After paying, we were escorted inside the place. There is this thin wall in front of the bar that covers the entity of the place and you have to walk through the small door on the left side to get in.


I was shocked that the staff didn’t offer to tour us around first compared to other bathhouses or blue bars we’ve been to. But I guess it’s their way of saying, “it will be more fun and adventurous if you will discover the place on your own.”


The ambiance of the first floor looks more like the drinking area of Palawan 2. And the videoke set stands against the wall dividing the main place and the entrance. On the far end of the place is the main bar. Last night, they were only serving beer, I’m not sure if they have alcohol selections on different nights.


At the back of the first floor, is their toilet and behind it, is a dark, dirty “kitchen area” that only have a long bench in the middle of it. Beside the toilet is the stairs leading to second and third floors.


On the video room (second floor), the television is on the far end of the room, around it are couches, wherein you can sit and enjoy the film, and if you’re lucky, a cute guy might sit beside you and watch the film with you.


The activity room, its small compared to other bars, but the good thing about Blue Fairies’ is that the lighting on the stairs slightly sips into the room; it helps you see the faces of anyone and everyone inside the room.


The other partition of third floor is another drinking area, with more familiar chairs and tables – the one they’re using in Palawan 2. I guess this place is not really intended for drinking, this is a cruising area. Whenever someone wants to see the faces of the other guests, they hang out in this place. The window that stands in the end room, overlooking E. Rodriguez Avenue, gives the room enough light for your eyesight.


I met two guys last night. The first was a tall, semi-skinhead guy, with a really endowed dick, I made out with him, and then he left to freshen himself up. After, I passed by this cute “daddy-looking” guy whose been eyeing me for several minutes. I walk towards him, and…


The bar closes at around 2:30 AM, still yet to find out what time they closes during Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Another good thing about this place; they are more cautious (compared to other bars) before they switch on the house lights, a staff will go around the place first, and will check if all the clients are already “done”, and if there’s still someone or a pair still doing it, they will not warn you that they’re closing, they will wait for you to finish. After you leave the activity areas, that’s the only time they will switch on the lights and clean the place.


I’d give it a 3/5. I still have to check and experience, what it’s like to be at Blue Fairies during weekends or when they’re jam-packed.





1803 Diego Bldg., E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City.


Oh Boy

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Everyday, when we wake up in the morning, before we do our daily routine, we spend much needed time to hide the reality of how old we really are. We spend minutes and minutes and sometimes hours preparing to create the image of something younger than what is really, and to top everything, we psych ourselves with loud, party music and sometimes with cheesy and full of drama songs to create the illusion that we’re still living with our yesteryears life.


But when it comes to dating and relationships, up to what extent are we willing to spend to clearly see what we really want? And when we get the chance to finally meet our next one, will we consider age as a factor of our decision making? Maybe, just maybe, if the other is older than us, we wouldn’t think twice of pursuing what’s already in hand, but what if we meet someone younger than us, will the thesis be the same?


Last weekend, I logged on to MIRC to check what’s been happening in the world of chatting, after a few months of not chatting, I was surprised to see that most of the chatters logged on were still the same. It was a Saturday night, I don’t have a date to go out with, and my friends weren’t available to go out, I decided to look for some fun in the chatroom.


Someone macked me and asked for my ASL, STATS, and my photos, I sent mine and asked for his. After browsing at his photos, I decided to invite him to come over to my house. Around 2:30 in the morning, my phone rang, and it was him. I fetch him downstairs and led him the way up.


His name is Rye, or that’s just what his friends want to call him. In the course of our conversation I was shocked to know that he’s only 19 years old and still studying in UP Diliman, 2nd year, taking up Broad. I didn’t know what to do. He has good sense of humor, I think he’s witty enough to masturbate my thinking and not bore me for at least two hours, and so I continued to converse with him. He’s about the same height as I am, he have this Iranian-looking facial feature, nice nose, and a cute smile, and he is very hairy all over.


After 30 minutes of exchanging notes and cracking jokes, we both felt we want to kiss each other, and so we did, then it led to the next and the next one. He’s not that endowed, his size is just right. We were kissing each other most of the time instead of giving the other head or inviting someone to lean over for something else. I like kissing; he knows how to kiss, even if he’s got braces on.


We both ended the night with a big smile on our faces. He asked me to SMS him the next day or the whenever I want to, I told him I will.


Sunday came, I did my laundry, watched DVD’s, but I never sent him a message. I said to myself, that if this “kid” is going to continue being in my world, it might lead to another level, and I’m not sure if that’s what I really want with him.


I went to work early the next day, Monday. I had to finish several projects and I have to assist and man two live talk shows. I practically dragged a knife on my neck that day, I was pretty much beat up.


Anton sent me a message saying that he’s back in Manila, after spending his weekend in Batangas with his family. We agreed that we’re going to meet after my work to catch up with each other. At around 12 in the morning, I sent a message to Anton telling him that I’m done with work and we can already meet.


While waiting for Anton in the office, I unconsciously wrote an SMS and sent it to Rye. I asked how he was, he replied to my message. Our exchange of messages continued to go on for several minutes. After finally receiving Anton’s message that he’s already outside my office. As I got out of the office, I asked Rye if he wanted to meet. It took him several minutes to reply.


I told Anton the story of the 19-year old boy. He was so excited about it and laughing at the thought of me actually being serious with Rye. We’re both undecided where to go that night. Then my phone beeped, it was Rye. He said that he’s in Burger King in E. Rodriguez, enjoying the free Wi-Fi, and if I want, I can go there and chit-chat with him. I asked Anton if it was alright with him to pass by Burger King and stay there for a few minutes and transfer after after. He said yes.


I spend the whole mid-morning with Rye and Anton, all of had a laugh and we enjoyed each other’s company, talked about silly things and I got to know Rye a little more. Around 3:30 in the morning, we transferred to Garahe Bente Singko somewhere along Timog Ave., to drink. I got to know Rye even more, and I actually enjoyed his company. He’s a little touchy though, but I don’t mind. And every time I laugh to his jokes, his age flashes in head like its flooding all over.


Isn’t he mature enough to handle things like this? I think he is, but the technicalities of being a 19-year old and being a student is still there; like his dependency to his family, his endless school stuff, the immaturity of a mature 19-year old, etc..


We went home around five in the morning. Anton took a cab, and Rye and I shared a cab. It was raining a little, so I asked Rye to drop me off first and just ask the driver to go around for him. Inside the cab, I just sat there looking outside the window, he moved to closer to me and he was placed his hands on my right leg. I knew he wanted something to happen that night, but I was feeling a little tired and was honestly confused and still thinking twice on where this thing is really going.


We finally arrived at my house, I sort of hugged him goodbye and alighted the cab. As I walk up the stairs, I couldn’t help but asked the question, what is this?


The next night, it went almost the same as the first. Anton and I met to have dinner, and he went home after, and I went back to the office to finish something. After an hour Bernard messaged me that he’s already outside my office waiting.


I asked him to wait for me and play with the internet first and told him to give me an hour to finish something, so he did. After finally finishing all that needs to be done, we took a cab going to Burger King in E. Rodriguez.


The same thing happened that night, but instead of Anton it was Bernard, and we didn’t transfer. What really killed me that night was, in the middle of our chit-chat, he blurted out, “My ex is 27 years old, and he went back to his wife, that’s why we broke up….. I have a thing for old guys” Yes, those were his exact words. I was like, what??, it would have been better if he said, “older than me”.


We packed things around four in the morning. And before leaving, Rye gave me a hug, and said goodbye.


I washed my face when I got home, and just before I went to bed I received a message from Rye saying, “I enjoyed the night.. Good night.”


Yesterday passed as my usual Wednesday, work and work. I didn’t send him a message.


Then today came. Patricia is out shooting somewhere in Sagada for Storyline, I had to take over Media In Focus. I arrived at the office around two in the afternoon. I have to check and re-check everything before 6PM. And thank God, everything went on smoothly with Cheche.


8PM: I sent Rye a message asking how he was, he replied to my message with an effortless composition, “doin gud”. I didn’t reply.


After a few years of experience in the world of dating and being in several relationships, have we build a concrete category list that selects and approves every guy we meet and date?  And if so, are we willing to break the boundaries of it to experience something new, even if we’re unsure of what will the outcome be? Is it bad for a 22-year old to date or be in a relationship with someone younger than him, like a 19-year old?

Written by Patrick King Pascual

October 30, 2008 at 2:56 pm

Doctor Fish

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I got my own taste of experiencing the fish spa. I had read about it and it tickled my curiosity for a really long time.

Percy told me that there’s a fish spa in KL at the Pavilion in Bt. Bintang, Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa. They have this mass number of Garra Rufa fish that came from Turkey where they call it as “Doctor Fish”, they were placed in an aquarium like, where in you have to dip your feet and legs for the fishes to feed on. The fishes eat the dead skin on your feet.

First, the spa will ask you to was your feet thoroughly with their enzyme wash and water. Once you’re done cleaning your feet, they will hand you a small towel to dry your feet. After, you are now ready to dip your feet for the small fishes to feed on to.

There are two areas in the spa; the outer area, small Garra Rufa fishes, and the inner area, a little bigger Garra Rufa fishes. I started in the outer area.

I slowly dipped my feet into the water, I had to take it out of the water fast, just a couple of seconds of dipping my feet in the water – the fishes immediately swam towards my feet, it was so ticklish! But I dipped it back in the water a couple of seconds after.

The fish are actually toothless, and they feed on your dead skin quick in sucking motions. With the biger fish, it feels a little more uncomfortable as you can actually feel thei sharp sucking as they chew hysterically. The smaller fish, on the other hand, nibble with a sensation that feels like pins and needles wich are more tolerable.

The spa will only give you 30 minutes to enjoy the tickling and yet relaxing service. You will be alerted with their flat screen monitor that hangs above the entry area if your time is already up. The staff will ask you to wash your feet again before leaving the spa.

The session will cost you RM38. It was a very fun experience, and when I touched my feet after, it was actually smoother.




I left the Pavilion late afternoon and went around Bt. Bintang. I realized that I’m not in the mood that afternoon to shop for more clothes or shoes, I went to Plaza Low Yat to find a new gadget or any electronics or computer stuff to spend my money with.

Plaza Low Yat offers a floor after floor of wide varieties; from all models and brands of laptops and desktops, from Samsung to Nokia mobile phones, to different accessories for you computer, etc. etc. And the prices are very reasonable!


I went inside the Canon store and looked for something to accessorize my DSLR. I saw a shelf full of different lenses for Canon DSLR’s. I inquired for their telephoto lens 55-250mm. The sales guy showed it to me and I attached to my camera and played with it. I want the lens! I asked for the price and the sales guy checked it, it costs RM800. It was unbelievely cheap, compared to how much Canon stores in Manila are selling them. I bought it.

I went out of Plaza Low Yat past seven in the evening. It was already dark, but the lightsaround Bt. Bintang gave the place a whole new beauty. I walked towards the monorail station. But I had to stop, I saw Petronas and the KL Tower with their beautiful lights glowing. I tried my new telephoto lens to capture the beauty. Classic!


Wakeboarding in Serdang

My brother, Percy, introduced me to a sport that I have never tried (and never thought of trying it), wakeboarding!

It was a lazy Sunday morning when we left Suasana Sentral to ride a train to Serdang. After 30 minutes of train ride, we got off the station and took a cab to Mines Resort. They have a man-made lake there specifically made for wakeboarding and waterskiing . We paid RM 200++ for two hours of wakeboarding.

I was never really a fan of any water sports, except swimming I guess, I always had the idea – me drowning and no would be there to rescue me. Although I know how to swim, but I never learned how to float.

Percy wakeboarded first. he was unbelievably amazing, compared to a newbie like me. He was in the water for 30 minutes and he only fell twice, he can even balance himself with one hand holding the pole. He was amazing.

It was my turn. Faisal, the boat driver a.k.a. my teacher, geared me up and taught me the basics of wakeboarding. He first asked me to held on to the steel bar suspended horizontally on the boat, and just feel normal like as if I’m just holding on to something soft, and to not feel the tension in my arms but on my feet and on the wakeboard. It took me several minutes to finally learn how things work.

Thirty minutes passed, Faisal aked me to finally use the roped pole. It was ecstatic.


It was an adrenaline rush. I stayed in the water for 30 more minutes. And every time I fall, I rush myself up and grab the pole back and feel the excitement over and over again.   

I Heart KL

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I left Manila last Thusday to escape everything, to think, to spend much needed space to something that isn’t usual. I needed a breath of fresh air; I went to Kuala Lumpur for a week of vacation. I contacted my oldest brother and told him I was coming and i’ll be staying in his place.

I have been planning for this trip for the longest time now, I wanted to forget work for awhile, I wanted to forget the problems I have been trying to solve in the past weeks, I want to take a vacation where in no one will ever know where I am or how I’m doing. But I knew I have to tell someone that I’m leaving; I told Anton that i’ll be away for a week and asked him nit to tell anyone, and I told Patricia, I had to tell her to stabilize the “panic” I will cause at work when they find out that I won’t be in the office for a week.


Everytime we tak a vacation or go somewhere else, we tend to forget our problems as hard as we could to enjoy the vacation we’re taking or the time off we asked for, but what if most of your activities would end up just like your routine? Will you give in to it and try to correct what you have done wrong in the first time you encountered or just let it pass and spend the whole night with a glass of Vodka on your hand and a stick of cigar on the other, thinking what would have happened if you give in to it? 

Last Saturday, I was in Marketplace – KL, a gay club, with my brother, dancing to familiar dance music. I was a little off at first; i didn’t know anyone in the club except for my brother and his friend from Manila who is also staying in KL, Glen. But I know I have to do it my way to enjoy the night. I went to the dance floor area and made my way in the middle of the crowd. I danced and I danced.

Halfway through Madonna’s Give It 2 Me, I called Anton to brag how much fun I’m having and how good the club is, I went out of the club and I talked to Anton for five minutes, and we continued our convesation via SMS. This was my routine for the next 30 minutes, until I met this guys in the middle of the dance floor, Ben, a local.

We dance for several minutes while he was touching most of my upper body. I wanted to kiss him but I don’t know what’s stopping me, so I grabbed him closer to me instead and danced really close to each other.

After more than five songs, he asked me to go with him, somewhere quiet. He standing in front of me, teasing me with his little kisses. We talked a little, asked few things about each other. He asked for my number number and I gave it to him. 

The next day, Sunday, I went with my brother to wake board in Serdang. After an hour of trial and error (mostly errors actually) to learn how to wake baord, I finally got it. I stand up and wake board for a full minute and a half, I knew I had to make it, so everytime I fall, I immediately grab the rope and hold on to it, signalling that I’m ready for another ride. 

Two hours passed, I sent Ben and SMS, telling him what I have been up to the whole day. We’ve been flirting with each other, teasing – how much we want to meet each other badly to have sex. We got to know each other a little deeper in the course of our SMS exchange.

Yesterday,  I went to Bukit Bintang to shop. I saw this really nice Nike shoes, I asked for my size and they still have it on stock, after fitting it, I bought the RM 200 Nike shoes.  By mid-afternoon, my brother sent me several SMS telling me he reserved tickets for Mama Mia. After hours of waiting for his confirmation, we both agreed to cancel our movie night for no reason.

We stayed home instead, I took a nap. After an hour of heavenly nap, I woke up and I felt bored. I sent Ben and SMS asking if he wanted to meet.

Half passed eight in the evening; I went to KL Sentral to wait for him. After 15 minuteshe arrived, with his mini van. I got in, and he drove back to his place. We shared a lot of stories with each other, laughing, playing with our sense of humor.

When we finally arrived at his place, we stayed in his room. He took off his clothes and I followed him. We kissed for the longest time, it was sweet actually. We spent more time kissing than giving each other hed or something else. I like him, I like Ben. After two hours of kissing and finally cumming, we cleaned ourselves and stayed in the living room.

We continued to share the vibe of conversation, and laughed. It seemed like the longest meet up I have ever had, he kept on telling me it wasn’t a one-night thingy. He drove me back to KL Sentral. It was a sweet moment.

He kissed me before I alighted his van. I gave it back. We planned for a meet before I go back to Manila.

Is it ever possible for someone to experience a great relationship after a one-night stand? If yes, just like what I have experienced with my ex whom I stayed with for two years, will the culture barrier collapse by itself to give way to a can’t get out of my head kind of love? Or will it be just another fling that all of us experience everytime we meet someone new, and hope that there would something good waiting for us but the truth is there’s none?





Written by Patrick King Pascual

October 20, 2008 at 7:12 pm

The Curator

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Since when did it stopped being fun and worry free and started to become harder and harder? ……..Is it still possible for someone who has great experience with his forte; in dating and all other things still be challeged by something not new to him?

It all happened a month ago, I met this Curator, a cute one (I guess), and it was slapped that brought me back to reality.

Back in the days, things were easier, much more prudent, with the lesser experience we have on our back, with limited coverage we can afford, everything is as simple as masturbation. But as the saying goes, “Masturbation is self-improvement”, – I guess we unconsciously found the expressway leading to complications and hardships.

The curator and I continued to exchange messages for a few days. Then one night, I got a reply to my message I sent him earlier, for some strange reason I gave in to the “excitement” the situation is serving me. The exchange of messages lead to flirting, and the flirting continued on and on, half passed twelve midnight, we then agreed that I’ll meet him in his apartment to continue our “chit chat”.

Everyday as we slowly age, the meaning of things are changing and having more than one definition, and that our scholar definition of things are already null and void, that there’s a whole new meaning to different things. We’re back in the old days were we have to sit down for a few minutes to be educated – what a certain thing means and what antonym we have to look out for and what synonym we have to get our hands with.

I left his apartment mid-morning. I was ecstatically happy; I was ecstatically excited of what’s going to happen the day after. I walked through Greenbelt 5 to meet Bernard to have my lunch with. It was definitely a night (early morning) rendezvous one should take notw of; I still have every detail running in my head. I choose to spoil the moment I was having with myself and squeal every juicy detail to Bernard.

Is it a childish act to dwell on to something that you are unsure of what will happen next? Is it human nature for someone who’s been single for a long time to analyze every detail he encounters and make conclusions out of it? Or is it just something that any sexually charged person feel and do to experience Round 2?




Written by Patrick King Pascual

October 17, 2008 at 3:53 am

Like A Promo: Storyline @ IndieSine

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Ushering in their second season, “STORYLINE” ANC’s documentary show presents their juciest harvests from their first season offereing from cable tv to Robinson’s Galleria IndieSine on Thursday, October 9, 9:30pm.
In the news, the story is told through the eye of the reporter: who,
what, where, when, how. Yet what is considered a story is inevitably what
has gone wrong, even with revolving characters, the stories are the same
– the corruption, the violence, the lying and cheating and dying and series
of bizarre events that make up the narrative of contemporary Philippines.
And it is only right, after all, that is the Philippine story, and the journalist
is in service of truth and a public that deserves to know.
Storyline, now moving into its second season, offers an alternative
news source from a news channel that seeks to provide more than just
reportage. It is revolutionary in its expansion of just what constitutes a
news story. The stories told follow the same rigorous standard for truth as
daily news reports, but they are stories that are not ordinary told,
by the people whol lived through them.
Created by a team of young, independent filmmakers and writers,
Storyline brings the language of cinema and literature to the television.
The show does not stop at sound bites; it is the only Philippine current
affairs show without a host, allowing the story to unfold through the eyes
of the storyteller. Each show has three independent stories tied together
by a single theme: three narratives, three voices, one storyline.
Storyline is a show about people, about hope, about the heights
of the human spirit. It is people, after all, and their stories, that is what
television is about.
For the premiere of its second season, Storyline offers the best of season one,
and a glimpse of what is to come: Walk This Way, Carlos Celdran / Nasaan Si Jonas Burgos,
Edith Burgos / One Smile At A Time, Bobby Manzano / It’s Never Too Late,
Marissa and Danny Nerida / Sunshine, Sunshine Cablayan / Juan Dela Cruz, Adonis Dela Cruz

tickets are available at the venue… i have few tickets to give out for free pass, so please let me know not later than wednesday, oct. 8, 7pm.  
“What’s different about [Storyline] is its bracing confidence in its viewers’ intelligence… The show’s enlightened view of its viewers’ ability to appreciate its stories without having to be hit on the head with them is evident in the fact that its stories pretty much tell themselves.”

– Nestor Torre, Philippine Daily Inquirer
“I love everything about it—from the narration to the camerawork to the background music and songs to the lighting and editing… [and] the way everything is tied together at the end into one seamless story.”

– Lorna Kalaw-Tirol, multi-awarded author, columnist, journalist and editor
“It’s beautifully done.”

– Cheche Lazaro, TOWNS awardee and Probe Team founder


Executive Producer / Writer PATRICIA EVANGELISTA
Director / Editor PAOLO VILLALUNA
Director of Photography MANNIE MAGBANUA
Production Manager BERNICE ILAGAN
Assistant Director RAYMOND AMONOY
Video Research / Liasion PATRICK KING PASCUAL
Production Assistant GLENN TERNAL


Written by Patrick King Pascual

October 4, 2008 at 11:51 am

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