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Like A Promo: Storyline @ IndieSine

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Ushering in their second season, “STORYLINE” ANC’s documentary show presents their juciest harvests from their first season offereing from cable tv to Robinson’s Galleria IndieSine on Thursday, October 9, 9:30pm.
In the news, the story is told through the eye of the reporter: who,
what, where, when, how. Yet what is considered a story is inevitably what
has gone wrong, even with revolving characters, the stories are the same
– the corruption, the violence, the lying and cheating and dying and series
of bizarre events that make up the narrative of contemporary Philippines.
And it is only right, after all, that is the Philippine story, and the journalist
is in service of truth and a public that deserves to know.
Storyline, now moving into its second season, offers an alternative
news source from a news channel that seeks to provide more than just
reportage. It is revolutionary in its expansion of just what constitutes a
news story. The stories told follow the same rigorous standard for truth as
daily news reports, but they are stories that are not ordinary told,
by the people whol lived through them.
Created by a team of young, independent filmmakers and writers,
Storyline brings the language of cinema and literature to the television.
The show does not stop at sound bites; it is the only Philippine current
affairs show without a host, allowing the story to unfold through the eyes
of the storyteller. Each show has three independent stories tied together
by a single theme: three narratives, three voices, one storyline.
Storyline is a show about people, about hope, about the heights
of the human spirit. It is people, after all, and their stories, that is what
television is about.
For the premiere of its second season, Storyline offers the best of season one,
and a glimpse of what is to come: Walk This Way, Carlos Celdran / Nasaan Si Jonas Burgos,
Edith Burgos / One Smile At A Time, Bobby Manzano / It’s Never Too Late,
Marissa and Danny Nerida / Sunshine, Sunshine Cablayan / Juan Dela Cruz, Adonis Dela Cruz

tickets are available at the venue… i have few tickets to give out for free pass, so please let me know not later than wednesday, oct. 8, 7pm.  
“What’s different about [Storyline] is its bracing confidence in its viewers’ intelligence… The show’s enlightened view of its viewers’ ability to appreciate its stories without having to be hit on the head with them is evident in the fact that its stories pretty much tell themselves.”

– Nestor Torre, Philippine Daily Inquirer
“I love everything about it—from the narration to the camerawork to the background music and songs to the lighting and editing… [and] the way everything is tied together at the end into one seamless story.”

– Lorna Kalaw-Tirol, multi-awarded author, columnist, journalist and editor
“It’s beautifully done.”

– Cheche Lazaro, TOWNS awardee and Probe Team founder


Executive Producer / Writer PATRICIA EVANGELISTA
Director / Editor PAOLO VILLALUNA
Director of Photography MANNIE MAGBANUA
Production Manager BERNICE ILAGAN
Assistant Director RAYMOND AMONOY
Video Research / Liasion PATRICK KING PASCUAL
Production Assistant GLENN TERNAL


Written by Patrick King Pascual

October 4, 2008 at 11:51 am

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