Suspension of Disbelief

The Curator

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Since when did it stopped being fun and worry free and started to become harder and harder? ……..Is it still possible for someone who has great experience with his forte; in dating and all other things still be challeged by something not new to him?

It all happened a month ago, I met this Curator, a cute one (I guess), and it was slapped that brought me back to reality.

Back in the days, things were easier, much more prudent, with the lesser experience we have on our back, with limited coverage we can afford, everything is as simple as masturbation. But as the saying goes, “Masturbation is self-improvement”, – I guess we unconsciously found the expressway leading to complications and hardships.

The curator and I continued to exchange messages for a few days. Then one night, I got a reply to my message I sent him earlier, for some strange reason I gave in to the “excitement” the situation is serving me. The exchange of messages lead to flirting, and the flirting continued on and on, half passed twelve midnight, we then agreed that I’ll meet him in his apartment to continue our “chit chat”.

Everyday as we slowly age, the meaning of things are changing and having more than one definition, and that our scholar definition of things are already null and void, that there’s a whole new meaning to different things. We’re back in the old days were we have to sit down for a few minutes to be educated – what a certain thing means and what antonym we have to look out for and what synonym we have to get our hands with.

I left his apartment mid-morning. I was ecstatically happy; I was ecstatically excited of what’s going to happen the day after. I walked through Greenbelt 5 to meet Bernard to have my lunch with. It was definitely a night (early morning) rendezvous one should take notw of; I still have every detail running in my head. I choose to spoil the moment I was having with myself and squeal every juicy detail to Bernard.

Is it a childish act to dwell on to something that you are unsure of what will happen next? Is it human nature for someone who’s been single for a long time to analyze every detail he encounters and make conclusions out of it? Or is it just something that any sexually charged person feel and do to experience Round 2?




Written by Patrick King Pascual

October 17, 2008 at 3:53 am

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