Suspension of Disbelief

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I left Manila last Thusday to escape everything, to think, to spend much needed space to something that isn’t usual. I needed a breath of fresh air; I went to Kuala Lumpur for a week of vacation. I contacted my oldest brother and told him I was coming and i’ll be staying in his place.

I have been planning for this trip for the longest time now, I wanted to forget work for awhile, I wanted to forget the problems I have been trying to solve in the past weeks, I want to take a vacation where in no one will ever know where I am or how I’m doing. But I knew I have to tell someone that I’m leaving; I told Anton that i’ll be away for a week and asked him nit to tell anyone, and I told Patricia, I had to tell her to stabilize the “panic” I will cause at work when they find out that I won’t be in the office for a week.


Everytime we tak a vacation or go somewhere else, we tend to forget our problems as hard as we could to enjoy the vacation we’re taking or the time off we asked for, but what if most of your activities would end up just like your routine? Will you give in to it and try to correct what you have done wrong in the first time you encountered or just let it pass and spend the whole night with a glass of Vodka on your hand and a stick of cigar on the other, thinking what would have happened if you give in to it? 

Last Saturday, I was in Marketplace – KL, a gay club, with my brother, dancing to familiar dance music. I was a little off at first; i didn’t know anyone in the club except for my brother and his friend from Manila who is also staying in KL, Glen. But I know I have to do it my way to enjoy the night. I went to the dance floor area and made my way in the middle of the crowd. I danced and I danced.

Halfway through Madonna’s Give It 2 Me, I called Anton to brag how much fun I’m having and how good the club is, I went out of the club and I talked to Anton for five minutes, and we continued our convesation via SMS. This was my routine for the next 30 minutes, until I met this guys in the middle of the dance floor, Ben, a local.

We dance for several minutes while he was touching most of my upper body. I wanted to kiss him but I don’t know what’s stopping me, so I grabbed him closer to me instead and danced really close to each other.

After more than five songs, he asked me to go with him, somewhere quiet. He standing in front of me, teasing me with his little kisses. We talked a little, asked few things about each other. He asked for my number number and I gave it to him. 

The next day, Sunday, I went with my brother to wake board in Serdang. After an hour of trial and error (mostly errors actually) to learn how to wake baord, I finally got it. I stand up and wake board for a full minute and a half, I knew I had to make it, so everytime I fall, I immediately grab the rope and hold on to it, signalling that I’m ready for another ride. 

Two hours passed, I sent Ben and SMS, telling him what I have been up to the whole day. We’ve been flirting with each other, teasing – how much we want to meet each other badly to have sex. We got to know each other a little deeper in the course of our SMS exchange.

Yesterday,  I went to Bukit Bintang to shop. I saw this really nice Nike shoes, I asked for my size and they still have it on stock, after fitting it, I bought the RM 200 Nike shoes.  By mid-afternoon, my brother sent me several SMS telling me he reserved tickets for Mama Mia. After hours of waiting for his confirmation, we both agreed to cancel our movie night for no reason.

We stayed home instead, I took a nap. After an hour of heavenly nap, I woke up and I felt bored. I sent Ben and SMS asking if he wanted to meet.

Half passed eight in the evening; I went to KL Sentral to wait for him. After 15 minuteshe arrived, with his mini van. I got in, and he drove back to his place. We shared a lot of stories with each other, laughing, playing with our sense of humor.

When we finally arrived at his place, we stayed in his room. He took off his clothes and I followed him. We kissed for the longest time, it was sweet actually. We spent more time kissing than giving each other hed or something else. I like him, I like Ben. After two hours of kissing and finally cumming, we cleaned ourselves and stayed in the living room.

We continued to share the vibe of conversation, and laughed. It seemed like the longest meet up I have ever had, he kept on telling me it wasn’t a one-night thingy. He drove me back to KL Sentral. It was a sweet moment.

He kissed me before I alighted his van. I gave it back. We planned for a meet before I go back to Manila.

Is it ever possible for someone to experience a great relationship after a one-night stand? If yes, just like what I have experienced with my ex whom I stayed with for two years, will the culture barrier collapse by itself to give way to a can’t get out of my head kind of love? Or will it be just another fling that all of us experience everytime we meet someone new, and hope that there would something good waiting for us but the truth is there’s none?





Written by Patrick King Pascual

October 20, 2008 at 7:12 pm

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