Suspension of Disbelief

Doctor Fish

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I got my own taste of experiencing the fish spa. I had read about it and it tickled my curiosity for a really long time.

Percy told me that there’s a fish spa in KL at the Pavilion in Bt. Bintang, Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa. They have this mass number of Garra Rufa fish that came from Turkey where they call it as “Doctor Fish”, they were placed in an aquarium like, where in you have to dip your feet and legs for the fishes to feed on. The fishes eat the dead skin on your feet.

First, the spa will ask you to was your feet thoroughly with their enzyme wash and water. Once you’re done cleaning your feet, they will hand you a small towel to dry your feet. After, you are now ready to dip your feet for the small fishes to feed on to.

There are two areas in the spa; the outer area, small Garra Rufa fishes, and the inner area, a little bigger Garra Rufa fishes. I started in the outer area.

I slowly dipped my feet into the water, I had to take it out of the water fast, just a couple of seconds of dipping my feet in the water – the fishes immediately swam towards my feet, it was so ticklish! But I dipped it back in the water a couple of seconds after.

The fish are actually toothless, and they feed on your dead skin quick in sucking motions. With the biger fish, it feels a little more uncomfortable as you can actually feel thei sharp sucking as they chew hysterically. The smaller fish, on the other hand, nibble with a sensation that feels like pins and needles wich are more tolerable.

The spa will only give you 30 minutes to enjoy the tickling and yet relaxing service. You will be alerted with their flat screen monitor that hangs above the entry area if your time is already up. The staff will ask you to wash your feet again before leaving the spa.

The session will cost you RM38. It was a very fun experience, and when I touched my feet after, it was actually smoother.




I left the Pavilion late afternoon and went around Bt. Bintang. I realized that I’m not in the mood that afternoon to shop for more clothes or shoes, I went to Plaza Low Yat to find a new gadget or any electronics or computer stuff to spend my money with.

Plaza Low Yat offers a floor after floor of wide varieties; from all models and brands of laptops and desktops, from Samsung to Nokia mobile phones, to different accessories for you computer, etc. etc. And the prices are very reasonable!


I went inside the Canon store and looked for something to accessorize my DSLR. I saw a shelf full of different lenses for Canon DSLR’s. I inquired for their telephoto lens 55-250mm. The sales guy showed it to me and I attached to my camera and played with it. I want the lens! I asked for the price and the sales guy checked it, it costs RM800. It was unbelievely cheap, compared to how much Canon stores in Manila are selling them. I bought it.

I went out of Plaza Low Yat past seven in the evening. It was already dark, but the lightsaround Bt. Bintang gave the place a whole new beauty. I walked towards the monorail station. But I had to stop, I saw Petronas and the KL Tower with their beautiful lights glowing. I tried my new telephoto lens to capture the beauty. Classic!


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