Suspension of Disbelief

Wakeboarding in Serdang

My brother, Percy, introduced me to a sport that I have never tried (and never thought of trying it), wakeboarding!

It was a lazy Sunday morning when we left Suasana Sentral to ride a train to Serdang. After 30 minutes of train ride, we got off the station and took a cab to Mines Resort. They have a man-made lake there specifically made for wakeboarding and waterskiing . We paid RM 200++ for two hours of wakeboarding.

I was never really a fan of any water sports, except swimming I guess, I always had the idea – me drowning and no would be there to rescue me. Although I know how to swim, but I never learned how to float.

Percy wakeboarded first. he was unbelievably amazing, compared to a newbie like me. He was in the water for 30 minutes and he only fell twice, he can even balance himself with one hand holding the pole. He was amazing.

It was my turn. Faisal, the boat driver a.k.a. my teacher, geared me up and taught me the basics of wakeboarding. He first asked me to held on to the steel bar suspended horizontally on the boat, and just feel normal like as if I’m just holding on to something soft, and to not feel the tension in my arms but on my feet and on the wakeboard. It took me several minutes to finally learn how things work.

Thirty minutes passed, Faisal aked me to finally use the roped pole. It was ecstatic.


It was an adrenaline rush. I stayed in the water for 30 more minutes. And every time I fall, I rush myself up and grab the pole back and feel the excitement over and over again.   

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