Suspension of Disbelief

Blue Fairies

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Last night, Anton and I decided to explore the stretch of E. Rodriguez for new adventures. Aside from the commercially-praised Fahrenheit Bathhouse, I heard that there are lots and lots of places to explore on that road. We’re out again for another ocular.


Blue Fairies Blue Bar.


It’s a 3-floor place that specially cater the needs of gays and bisexuals alike; on the first floor, where the main bar area is located, with videoke facilities available for anyone who’d like to sing while drinking, on the second floor, a smaller area than the first floor, the video room – you can enjoy watching blue films in the comfort of their soft couches, finally, on the third floor, it’s divided into two sections, on the left partition is a dark room – or on how they want to call it – “the activity”, where you can do whatever you want to do with your partner, and on the other partition is their second bar area but this is more darker and more intimate than of the first bar area.


When we got inside the place, we inquired if they’re charging their clients for memberships, the counter said that they don’t and that we only have to pay the entry charge which is PHP 120. After paying, we were escorted inside the place. There is this thin wall in front of the bar that covers the entity of the place and you have to walk through the small door on the left side to get in.


I was shocked that the staff didn’t offer to tour us around first compared to other bathhouses or blue bars we’ve been to. But I guess it’s their way of saying, “it will be more fun and adventurous if you will discover the place on your own.”


The ambiance of the first floor looks more like the drinking area of Palawan 2. And the videoke set stands against the wall dividing the main place and the entrance. On the far end of the place is the main bar. Last night, they were only serving beer, I’m not sure if they have alcohol selections on different nights.


At the back of the first floor, is their toilet and behind it, is a dark, dirty “kitchen area” that only have a long bench in the middle of it. Beside the toilet is the stairs leading to second and third floors.


On the video room (second floor), the television is on the far end of the room, around it are couches, wherein you can sit and enjoy the film, and if you’re lucky, a cute guy might sit beside you and watch the film with you.


The activity room, its small compared to other bars, but the good thing about Blue Fairies’ is that the lighting on the stairs slightly sips into the room; it helps you see the faces of anyone and everyone inside the room.


The other partition of third floor is another drinking area, with more familiar chairs and tables – the one they’re using in Palawan 2. I guess this place is not really intended for drinking, this is a cruising area. Whenever someone wants to see the faces of the other guests, they hang out in this place. The window that stands in the end room, overlooking E. Rodriguez Avenue, gives the room enough light for your eyesight.


I met two guys last night. The first was a tall, semi-skinhead guy, with a really endowed dick, I made out with him, and then he left to freshen himself up. After, I passed by this cute “daddy-looking” guy whose been eyeing me for several minutes. I walk towards him, and…


The bar closes at around 2:30 AM, still yet to find out what time they closes during Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Another good thing about this place; they are more cautious (compared to other bars) before they switch on the house lights, a staff will go around the place first, and will check if all the clients are already “done”, and if there’s still someone or a pair still doing it, they will not warn you that they’re closing, they will wait for you to finish. After you leave the activity areas, that’s the only time they will switch on the lights and clean the place.


I’d give it a 3/5. I still have to check and experience, what it’s like to be at Blue Fairies during weekends or when they’re jam-packed.





1803 Diego Bldg., E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City.


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