Suspension of Disbelief

Crime of Passion

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It was half passed midnight of Dec. 2, Tuesday. Anton, Nicole and I were rushing back to Blumentritt, Espana to meet B.G.


He greeted us with a smile and a hug. The next few minutes with B.G. was one of he most disturbing moments of the entire evening.




His name was Ivan.


He went home to his condo around midnight, accompanied by another straight-acting gay guy he met at a gay club in Makati. It could have been the usual one-night stand anyone does after a long day of work. But it wasn’t.


The “suspect” left the condo around 10:30 the same morning.




The security in Ivan’s condo was alarmed after sensing layers and layers of smoke coming out his room. They barged into the unit.


Ivan was dead. His unit was burned. 90% of his body, burned. The shelf that holds his magazine collection collapsed, and it somehow managed to protect his face from the immense fire that ate his body.


The family and friends of Ivan insisted to have his body autopsied.




He was strangled with a nylon cord. He was hit hard at the back of head. He was stabbed using a very pointed object that penetrated his neck all the way up to his head and was left there for several hours. He was burned after.




The suspect is still at large up to this very moment. There were several leads to who the killer was. First; he signed the guest book in the lobby of Ivan’s condo, (the name) which they can use in tracing the suspect, but only few days after the murder, they found out that the name he used was one of Ivan’s friends.


And as the Philippine National Police and S.O.C.O. continued their investigation, another possible lead floated among the family and friends of Ivan, the suspect was a serial killer, who has sex with gays and kills them after.




After telling this story to my friend Patricia, we got into thinking that what happened to Ivan was – a fetish gone wrong. And when his partner started to panic, was too afraid to call the ambulance, he was left with no other choice but to kill him and burn his unit to clean up for any possible evidence he might left.


But a tingling fact continues to play in my head.


Why would someone end up killing someone that brutally? If it were an ordinary one-night type of thing, he wouldn’t have that technical knowledge on how to kill someone that progressive. 


If you play with your fetish with someone you just met, chances are, it will definitely go wrong. But killing your partner brutally after a misstep with your fantasy, is definitely a big foul with someone who gives in to their fetishes. I should know, ‘because I have several I practice with random people, and I don’t end up killing them if something went wrong.


But, it still was a fetish play, a fetish play of the serial killer. The killer who wants have sex first with his victim, and afterwards kill him, or take his life while he comes, it may differ from one to the other, it depends on his mood.


Foul. It’s definitely a foul play of fetish. But, who am I to judge on how he practices his fetish?




But why the fuck does it have to involve gays?


Was it another hate crime?  




Written by Patrick King Pascual

December 6, 2008 at 2:19 pm

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