Suspension of Disbelief


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He’s a 7-incher. He’s in a relationship for a year now. He cheats on his partner.


His name is Dave. I met him in the chatroom. We agreed to meet; around 11 PM last Friday


He arrived ten minutes before 12 MN. He was 45 minutes late, I was a pissed off.


When we got into the roof-deck of my house, he immediately grabbed me closer to him, and started playing with my chest, my body and caressed my dick from the outside of my pants.


I took off his shirt, started to lick both of his nipples and unbuckled his belt. He removed my shirt and licked my nipples while he unzipped my pants. After loosing the button of my pants, he pulled it down. I stood in front of him wearing my underwear.


He continued to play with my dick, I was throbbing hard. I started to remove his pants together with his underwear. When I reached for his dick, I was shocked. It was a 7 inches meat hanging from a 5’7” guy.


It was a force bigger than me. I have to conquer it, and taste it. And so I did. I knelt in front of him and started to give him head. Just a couple of minutes passed, I stood up and I guided his head lower to my still covered dick.


Dave removed my underwear and started to give me head while I jerked him off. After two minutes, he stood up and we continued to jerk each other. I lay on top of the long dining table in the middle of our roof-deck, I asked Dave to lie down beside me, with his head facing my dick. We were in 69-position.


I deep-throated him, he sucked me hard every time I swallowed the entity of his shaft. We stayed in that position for more than 10 minutes. It was amazing. I played with his 7 inches dick for the longest time I could. I enjoyed it.


Then, Dave knelt in front of my face and jerked his dick faster and harder. He came on my chin and few of his jizz dripped to my neck. I came on my tummy.


He wiped his cum on my chin and on my neck. We spent the next few minutes talking.






Dave is in a relationship with a pure bottom, they have been together for a year now. His partner, his loyal partner (according to him), doesn’t have a single clue of what he’s doing or what he’s been doing. And he’s not planning to tell his partner about it anytime soon.






When we’re single, we’re complaining over the fact that we have been looking for “the one” for the longest time, and when we get the chance to finally date someone, we check everything more than twice and analyze everything over and over again until find a flaw on the person and dwell on it.


And even with our one-night stands, we can’t help but hope and wish that the next person we’re going to invite for a casual meet might or will be our one. With the kind of mind-set, everything will be pre-empted and surely, end up to just a casual sex, to nothing. 


But when we finally enter a relationship, a dream relationship, we still complain and continue to question things, questions we want to be answered. Questions that are really based on who knows? Something shallow, something that involves paranoia, or something that will lessen the jealousy we feel.


Is Dave in the verge of a 7-month itch, (seven being the operative word)? Is Dave bored with his partner knowing that he is a pure bottom and just want to have sex with someone who is versatile of a pure top? (what a shallow reason) Or simply, is Dave, just like any other “gay asshole”, he’s good in bed but terrible or worst when it comes to relationships?






Dave double-wiped his face to make sure there’s no trace of anything foreign, he smelled his shirt and checked himself in front of the mirror. He left my house rushing, “I still have to meet my boyfriend, and have dinner with him. See you soon.”


As I closed the gate, I got into thinking, am I really that kind of person, who doesn’t care whether his (casual) sex partner is single or attached? Am I that kind of person, who will ruin a good relationship by having sex with one of them? Will I be able to take it, if I were in Dave’s boyfriend position? Or will I do it, if I were in Dave’s position?


After all, what’s better than a good 7 inches dick blowjob compared to a whole night of complaining about the fact of being single?




Written by Patrick King Pascual

December 9, 2008 at 5:52 pm

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  1. That’s long huh? However, i think even if you’re not the original partner – 7 inches is really a satisfaction on a casual sex. haha


    March 30, 2010 at 8:11 am

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