Suspension of Disbelief


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We’ve reached the end of the year and the beginning of another.


After finishing a full year of success stories, fulfilled dreams and hopes, established a strong foundation with our friends, mastering the things we’ve committed errors on the previous year, and of course; heartbreaks, more hopes that lead to nothing, more education and experience on different dilemmas in the health section. Overall, it was a fat-full year of events that made us hustlers.


Hustler at work.

Hustler in bed.

Hustler in partying.

Hustler in writing.

Hustler in editing and producing stuff.

Hustler in drinking.

Hustler in giving head.

Hustler in giving advice to our friends.

Hustler in everything.


I should know. I spent half of my 2008, mixing and practicing all those above. After a hard 12 hours in the office, I will go home to change and drop my things, and then go out again, to meet my friends for a drink, and who knows what else, after which, I will go home to sleep for a couple of hours and then rush back to work. This has been my routine for sometime last year.


It was an exhausting year. I produced more programs compared to what I have accomplished the previous year. I met and had sex with more men as I have in 2007, while hoping to meet “the one” every time I took off my clothes and lie in bed with someone. It was exhausting but fun.  




If the Chinese belief is true, that whatever you do on the first day of the year will be the pattern of your routine for the whole year; then we wouldn’t have any problems and more questions as we walked along the days and months of last year trying to figure out what’s wrong.


I started my last year, as perfectly patterned as my freshly ironed white buttoned down shirt. But I felt overtly exhausted last year, hoping to finally meet “the one” (don’t we always do this every start of a new year?) but I failed to, and so, I spent my 101% of my time in work, leaving the other column blank and hanging, as I fast-pace succeeded in my work, I was recognised for this, as one of the hard-working employee.


This year, as the clock turns for 2009, we flew out of Manila to go to Kuala Lumpur, to spend 7 days with Val – to enjoy the city before having a long break with KL, before Val moves to France on the 9th.


And, I, on the other hand, up for another rollercoaster vacation ride; to meet my old flings here in KL, to shop at Plaza Low Yat more gadgets that I will be using for 2009, and to spend more time with Val. And I’m packed with new high hopes I want to accomplish as the year progress, work-wise and relationship-wise, and to finally answer the question, “Can we have it all?”






Written by Patrick King Pascual

January 2, 2009 at 3:34 pm

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