Suspension of Disbelief

Protocol 101

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The Curator Part 2.




Protocol is the customs and regulations dealing with diplomatic formality, precedence, and etiquette. It’s a mandatory thing you have to learn and do every time you come across or approach someone who has the same stature as The Queen or The President.




Just a day later, after I flew back from KL, I got a heads-up from work that I will be working with The Curator again. I received his number, and my Boss, persistently reminded me to bug The Curator for his script.


It was a move I’m so afraid to make. The past came flashing through my head, from the very first time I saw him to the last time we exchanged messages. It was a mixture of dread, excitement and hope. I didn’t know if sending him a message, work-related or no, a good idea or what. But I have to do it.




Then the day came. He went to the office to finish his script and prepare for the show.


I’m not sure if I’m sedated the whole time I was with him or I just kept on making an excuse just to be close to him. It was ecstatic.


The Curator flashed several signs. I caught most of it but up until now I still haven’t deciphered what he meant, again, I received mixed-messages.




I couldn’t help but wonder (again), am I willing to jump back to the old days wherein I hope and wait for something I really want to happen even after learning the great deal of odds I have to surpass to accomplish them?




After the show, I wanted so bad to ask The Curator out; to catch up on things since our last conversation months and months’ back, to flirt with him a little more, and something more, maybe. But I crippled.


I went to the garden of our office and lighted my 8th cigarette for the day. A great part of me wanted to go back to the studio and catch him before he leaves the office, but part of me begs to hold on still where I was standing.


And then, I received a call from The Curator.




“Where are you? I have been going around the office looking for you… I just left your office… I’m on my way now to meet your boss for a dinner.”


I wanted to die as his words slowly entered my system. It could have been… It might have been… Then he said:


“Patrick, take good care of yourself. Just call me anytime for anything…”


After hearing him say those words, I slowly got myself back to reality. I flirted back saying, “Seriously, for anything?” He answered, “Yeah”, with a naughty laugh.






I had a choice that night, I could have went back to the studio and face reality with The Curator without any distractions and enjoy his company, but I chose to stay away.


Was I wrong in making that choice, or am I just playing everything safe knowing what consequences I will have to face after making a move?


I still have one more choice to make for – The Curator; I can call him and updated him about the status of his talent fee and continue the flirting with him, or I can just let our HR department do the legwork for everything.











Written by Patrick King Pascual

January 15, 2009 at 5:15 pm

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