Suspension of Disbelief


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It was two in the morning of the first Saturday of May. I was in the middle of the dance floor of O Bar, Nicole was standing next to me, and Erick was pressing himself against my back. The crowd consists of usual faces. The music was pumping like any other night.

Suddenly a familiar face arrived on the scene. He was wearing a blue tank top, dark blue jeans and his signature Chucks. He gained weight and his hair was a bit longer than before.


He greeted Nicole with a subtle scream, and gave her a kiss. He looked at me and smiled, I smiled back, and we hugged and kissed each other. It’s like nothing bad happened four months ago.


What if you fought with your bestfriend or in my case a person I consider as my brother, and the last memory you have with each other were cruel words and curses? Then on one unexpected party night you came across with each other, how will you react and what will you say?


Anton invited us in the middle of the dance floor, our usual spot back then. As much as I wanted to I couldn’t, I was with Erick, and he doesn’t want to be left alone in the dance floor. I danced with Anton and Nicole at a distance.

I lost count how many drinks we finished.


In a relationship, friends or lover alike, it matters how often you communicate with each other. It is by communicating you will know what the other wants and what the other feels about the relationship going on between the two of you. And without it, will only result to misunderstanding that will later progress to a fight.

What Anton and I lacked in our one year of being really close friends is proper communication. Yes, we get to talk about different things, from where I bought my shirt to private problems we used to have, but we never discuss our relationship, the friendship we both share. And the shelf life of our piled misunderstandings expired, we both exploded.

And that Saturday, I was at the point of no turning back, I was facing him in front of the whole of Malate. An unconscious reaction went out of my system, I didn’t have a choice but to forget what happened in the past for a brief moment and think of the situation as an avenue for me, for the two of us, – to start fixing slowly and gently what we broke before.


Anton left the club around four in the morning.  And it won’t be the last time we’ll party together.





Written by Patrick King Pascual

May 17, 2009 at 2:15 pm

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