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The Murder of Winton Lou

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Published in Outrage Magazine | 01 February 2010



He was 28 years old. He was a Palanca-winning writer. He was a professor in Dela Salle University. And a proud gay.

His name was Winton Lou Ynion, and he was murdered. His hands and feet were tied with a nylon cord and his body was covered with stab wounds.

winton lou ynion


A professor e-mailed blast last week; “It all happened one night, when Winton took home a guy (or two guys) for a fun night, but the supposed fun night ended in a bloody frenzy.

Winton’s friend Jojo Flores went to his condominium unit in Katipunan, Quezon City after several unanswered calls. He knocked repeatedly on the door, but there was no answer. He went to the building administrator and asked for help.

When they got inside the unit, the strong stench of the body welcomed them. They found Winton’s body lying in the toilet floor drenched in his own blood.

The QCPD (Quezon City Police District) said, “We have yet to determine what the victim does for a living and the motive for his killing, although our initial theory was robbery.”  The police also said that based from the condition of the body, Winton could have been dead for hours or even days before he was discovered.


Winton was an innocent gay man; he’s like any of us who lives everyday for his dreams and for his family. He never deserved to die the way he did.

It’s been ten days since Winton was murdered. Neither TV news report nor radio report about the murder aired. There were only two small columns, and personal blogs that tried their best to tell the story of Winton.

This makes me think; is a murder story unimportant to news and to us to the point that we are more interested to watch and listen to news that discusses the President’s abundant dinners?

Maybe if the one murdered is a big personality, or someone connected to a personality, its story will shed its light on TV or in the radio, but what about the regular people? What about Winton’s story?

He might be our Facebook friend, our professor, our classmate, our friend, or our brother – doesn’t he deserve to be in the news so that people will hear his story?


I remember Ivan. He was also murdered.  The last information his friends knew was, a guy went to his place and then the next time they heard any news about him, he was dead.


Is this an on going serial-killing? Is this another hate crime? Are the police and the government doing something to thoroughly investigate these kind of crimes and prevent it?

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(Outrage Magazine remains the only publication for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in the Philippines.)


The Beautiful One

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n1Her name is Nicole. She is 24 years old. She’s an Executive Assistant of one the country’s most awarded writer and executive producer. She’s a transvestite.
Nicole along with Me, Anton, Jeff, Bernard and Brent go out on an every night basis; go to different bars and party until the break of dawn, meet different people from different places, and a lot more different stuff…

But now, she’s in a relationship for three and a half months now, our usual routine became our past time. Even if we, her friends, don’t approve the guy she’s in a relationship with, she doesn’t care what we think of his boyfriend nor listen to our advice. What matters to her is how she feels for the guy.

She can be hardheaded especially when she truly believes on the thing she’s fighting for, like her boyfriend. Despite of the obvious reasons why she should break up with the guy; the seldom communication with each other, going out with girls on a regular basis without informing Nicole, and the not so often borrowing of money – only shows that this guy is not serious in the relationship, but Nicole chooses to be blind, because she believes and hopes that this person might be “the one”.
Nicole is the sweetest and the most caring among us. She’ll even ditch her family or her boyfriend just to be with her friends in times of painful heartaches and lonely nights.

But behind the beautiful face, the sweet smile, there’s only one thing Nicole is looking for: true love.
Love that has no monetary value. Love that respects monogamy. Love that sees no gender.




To Realize

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Four straight months and counting.

Malate clubbing doesn’t look like as it used to. The once-in-a-while trip to bathhouses was removed from the weekly activities. The late night conversations with friends are lessened to at least twice a week. Heavy smoking is now known as social smoking.

When does one become futile to a point where he will shelf himself away from his usual activities?

After spending more time with Erick than with my friends, it’s like seeing things in a different way, in a more meaningful way. It’s like; there is a deeper reason why you can’t go out every night, why you have to cut back with your vices, thinking twice of your actions to not create an unnecessary hype when you’re in a party.

Two weeks ago, in the middle of our weeknight clubbing in Malate, Bernard whispered to me that I am changing, that I’m not like the Patrick he’s out with five months ago. I still party like before, I still stay up late and drink too much, I still dance to tunes I enjoy. I couldn’t get him at first, but after a long think, I realized that it’s all because I’m in a relationship.

How many priority changes I need to make because I’m already in a relationship? And how many unconscious changes am I making everyday?

Last Friday, I was out with Erick and Nicole. After hours of dancing in drinking, I asked Nicole if she still wants to buy another round of drinks, Erick leaned closer to me and said, “One more bottle, and we’ll go home, you’ve had too much”, and he smiled.

I finished my last bottle of San Mig Light while I danced with Erick and Nicole. I placed the empty bottle on the side bar and took Erick’s hand and walked towards the exit.

As we slowly made our way between the tight crowd of the bar, my late-night parties before flashed in my head and I smiled and said to myself, “The “party girl” is indeed, in a relationship.”

Written by Patrick King Pascual

August 19, 2009 at 2:09 pm

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