Suspension of Disbelief

To Realize

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Four straight months and counting.

Malate clubbing doesn’t look like as it used to. The once-in-a-while trip to bathhouses was removed from the weekly activities. The late night conversations with friends are lessened to at least twice a week. Heavy smoking is now known as social smoking.

When does one become futile to a point where he will shelf himself away from his usual activities?

After spending more time with Erick than with my friends, it’s like seeing things in a different way, in a more meaningful way. It’s like; there is a deeper reason why you can’t go out every night, why you have to cut back with your vices, thinking twice of your actions to not create an unnecessary hype when you’re in a party.

Two weeks ago, in the middle of our weeknight clubbing in Malate, Bernard whispered to me that I am changing, that I’m not like the Patrick he’s out with five months ago. I still party like before, I still stay up late and drink too much, I still dance to tunes I enjoy. I couldn’t get him at first, but after a long think, I realized that it’s all because I’m in a relationship.

How many priority changes I need to make because I’m already in a relationship? And how many unconscious changes am I making everyday?

Last Friday, I was out with Erick and Nicole. After hours of dancing in drinking, I asked Nicole if she still wants to buy another round of drinks, Erick leaned closer to me and said, “One more bottle, and we’ll go home, you’ve had too much”, and he smiled.

I finished my last bottle of San Mig Light while I danced with Erick and Nicole. I placed the empty bottle on the side bar and took Erick’s hand and walked towards the exit.

As we slowly made our way between the tight crowd of the bar, my late-night parties before flashed in my head and I smiled and said to myself, “The “party girl” is indeed, in a relationship.”

Written by Patrick King Pascual

August 19, 2009 at 2:09 pm

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