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Six Thousand Pesos Boobs

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Last night, Nicole and I shared a cab.

As we slowly coursed Quezon Avenue, Nicole told me how her boyfriend kept on complaining about her small hormone-pill-filled breast.

She said, “Every time we have sex, John Rey squeezes my breast real hard, his huge hands covering my humble breast.”


The cab driver glanced at the rear view mirror as Nicole continued, “I feel a bit disappointed, and I know John Rey also feels a bit disappointed. I want to fully satisfy him in bed and I think having a big breast, not a hormone-pill breast, but a collagen breast will give him the “real” satisfaction he’s looking for. Besides, it’s only six thousand pesos.”

I can’t help but think, is it right to change your physical self just to satisfy someone?

When we reached España, I asked her if she’s aware of the news about a starlet in the Philippine showbiz industry experienced with collagen implants. She said that she’s completely aware of it.

“I know that after 10 or 11 years the collagen implants will rot and pus will start to come out of my skin. I don’t care. As long as I will have a bigger breast that my boyfriend can enjoy, I don’t care”, Nicole explained.

I jokingly asked her, “What if one time, John Rey squeezes your breast, lick it and pus will ooze out, what will you do?” She didn’t answer my question. And we laughed hysterically.

As I slowly walked towards the front of my house, I wondered, is it politically right to not consider your own needs first, especially if its something you can live without, just to please someone?




Written by Patrick King Pascual

September 4, 2009 at 4:13 pm

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