Suspension of Disbelief


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I’m glad I’m not voting next year in the presidential elections.

I’m glad I missed my last chance to register in Comelec.

I’m glad I won’t be part of another election fraud.


I’m mad at Comelec for disqualifying Ang Ladlad to run as partylist representative next year.

I’m mad at Commissioner Nicodemo Ferrer for using big words like; “immoral” and “spiritual degradation of the youth” to describe the LGBT.

I’m mad at myself for wishing Commissioner Ferrer to have generations and generations of gays, lesbians and transgenders in his clan.


I’m glad that after several hate blogs and articles from different people who supports the LGBT, the Comelec urged the Ang Ladlad to file their motion for reconsideration.

I’m glad that the Comelec’s decision was bitch slapped last Saturday, November 21 in Cheche Lazaro’s show on ANC, Media In Focus by members of the LGBT.

I’m glad that the LGBT will march at Plaza Roma in Intramuros on Wednesday, November 25 to express outrage against the Comelec’s decision.


ImmoRALLY: The Ang Ladlad Protest





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