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Pride March 2009

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Pride March Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. What is a Pride March?
    Pride Marches worldwide celebrate the courage, solidarity, resilience and contribution of gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer people. The Pride March is a collective action of the LGBT community to express its concern over human rights issues affecting the community, including homophobia and discrimination.
  2. What is going to happen?
    On December 5:
    3pm – Registration/Walk-in (Remedios Circle)
    5pm – Parade/March (Down Remedios St., Right Roxas Blvd., Right Pedro Gil Ave., Right Taft Ave., Right Nakpil St., Orosa – End)
    7 pm- Candle lighting ceremony / Program / Pageant / Party
  3. What if it rains?
    We will march rain or shine. Be a girl/boy scout. Just be prepared and bring a colorful umbrella.
  4. Why should I be part of the PRIDE MARCH?
    It feels great to be out and proud to be surrounded by those who believe in the same causes. Taking to the street is a buzz. Once you’re part of a Pride March, you’ll be hooked on this special experience. It gives you a chance to be part of the LGBT community’s action to promote freedom and human rights. It gives you a chance to care and help fellow LGBTs who are discriminated and abused.”
  5. Do I have to pay anything to march?
    There is no registration fee. However, if people are able, we do suggest a donation of Php 50 for individuals; Php 200 for not-for-profit organizations; and Php 500 for for-profit organizations. Proceeds will be used to defraying the expenses used to organize the pride march.


  1. If my org doesn’t attend any preparation meetings can I and/or my organization still march?
    Yes. Just show up at 3 pm at Remedios Circle and check-in at the registration booth.
  2. Who can join the pride march?
    Everyone can join the pride march including but not limited to the following:
    – Individuals without organizations (you will be marching under the banner of Task Force Pride or join any group)
    – Both LGBT and non-LGBT Organizations
    – Parents, Friends and Pets
    – LGBT individuals and non-LGBT individuals
  3. Can I bring my friends?
    Yes bring as many as you like.
  4. Do I have to be out to march?
    No. You may bring a mask or disguise as needed to take part of activities


  1. Is the color coordination a requirement? Why do we need colors?
    Clothing Color coordination is only a guideline (not a policy) to show some level of organization and consistency of groups. You as an organization or individual can actually come as you are to march.
  2. What do we need to bring to the march?
    It is recommended to bring the following

    • comfortable clothes for walking,
    • candles for the candle light ceremony,
    • placards, signs, flyers, business cards
    • sound makers e.g. whistle, drums
    • lights (since march is close to dusk) e.g. glowsticks
    • cameras or video cams
    • water and
    • a whole lot of pride, enthusiasm and voice!


(Lifted from Task For Pride Philippines)

Written by Patrick King Pascual

December 2, 2009 at 11:51 am

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