Suspension of Disbelief

JC de los Reyes Should Not Be Running

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Repost from Ang Ladlad’s Representative, Bemz Benedito’s FB:
From Ang Ladlad member and ABS-CBN News Channel Associate Producer Patrick King Pascual:

“When ANC’s Strictly Politics’ interview with Ang Kapatiran’s JC de los Reyes ended, I went to the studio, approached and asked Coun. JC about his stand on Ang Ladlad (running). He answered with a very sarcastic smile and said, “We’re already supporting another party-list and if Ang Ladlad will ask for our support, we’ll say no.”

Is this an attitude that should transpire from a presidential wannabe who promises change of politics and governance?

A person seeking the highest position of the land should be the first to demonstrate acceptance and understanding to the plight of the marginalized and underrepresented like the LGBT community.

A person seeking the highest position of the land should learn to respect taxpayers like Patrick King Pascual who gives his salary as a councilor. Patrick forgot to mention in his tweet that De los Reyes looked at him from head to toe and ignored him on their second encounter with journalist Ellen Tordesillas.

A person like De los Reyes should not be running and should not be a public servant at all. I just wonder, where did he got his balls to run if he has a bleak chances of winning and now….a bleak mind frame and capability to lead this nation to its needed development and progress.

March 23, 2010

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  1. I totally agree with you! if you want some hilarious and silly facts about this nincompoop, you can read my weblog… sole dedicated to him… hehehe… and if in any way i can be of service to the Ang Ladlad Partylist, just email or text me, i’ll be willing to do anything, well except in matters of financial… mabuhay ka kapatid… and may I add… this kind of person should not run for any public office position, not in this lifetime or in the next one… for all eternity… wala pang isang dangkal ang political career niya… grabe ang guts niya… I super hate it.


    April 10, 2010 at 3:28 am

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