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Media In Focus [ANC]

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This is Media In Focus.






Written by Patrick King Pascual

September 28, 2010 at 1:04 pm

Tease [ANC]

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I’m Ginger Conejero and welcome to Tease
The show that gives a come hither look at  the media
in all it’s unavoidably sexy forms. 
From art to music to film, we’ll give you one hard, fast look —
but you’ll still be wanting more.

Premieres September 28 Tues / 6:30PM / ANC

Written by Patrick King Pascual

September 23, 2010 at 7:58 am

ANC Playback: Media In Focus

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Written by Patrick King Pascual

September 23, 2010 at 7:49 am

Media In Focus [ANC]: Charging Media Sends Chilling Effect? (Plug)

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Malacanan is reviewing the recommendations of the incident investigation and review committee…
Including suing the media over the August 23 hostage crisis.
But this early, journalists want the palace to drop the charges…
Citing a chilling effect on the media.
We look at the arguments for press freedom… 
And criticisms against an untouchable press.
September 21, 2010 (Tuesday) / 9:30PM / ANC

Wedenesday 4:30AM & 2:30PM
Saturday 8:30PM
Sunday 12:30AM, 11:30AM & 6:30PM

Anchor: Cheche Lazaro
Executive Producer: Ayee Macaraig
Associate Producer: Patrick Pascual
Writer: Mimi Ong
Researcher: Biena Magbitang
Production Assistant: Mike Caballero
Director: Levi Aguilar
Editor: Epoy Aniano
Graphics: RP Jaleco

Written by Patrick King Pascual

September 21, 2010 at 7:23 am

Future Perfect [ANC]: Best of Season 1 (Part 2)

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Future Perfect Best of Season 1 (Part 2)

Last week…
We showed some of the best features we had in our first season.
And we want to show you more…
In case you didn’t catch all our previous episodes.
For now… We may be looking at the past…
But there’s really no time like the present…
To think about… A future perfect.
Airs: September 22, 2010 (Wednesday) / 7PM / ANC

Wedenesday 10:30PM
Thursday 3AM & 1PM
Sunday 5:30PM

Host: Tony Velasquez
Executive Producer: Dino Ponti Orig
Associate Producer: Alvin Co
Graphics /Technical Producer: Patrick King Pascual
Head Writer: Art Fuentes
Writers: Karen Reyes
Monica Magpantay
Researchers: Biena Michelle Magbitang
Geneviv Fernandez
Production Assitant: Mike Caballero
Editors: Jordan Jarlego
Liway Hernan
Graphics: RP Jaleco
Director: Rommel Pedrealba

Written by Patrick King Pascual

September 21, 2010 at 5:41 am

Sexually Challenged [Archive]

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October 7, 2003

It’s been three weeks since the chat room and I were introduced. Suddenly, it made me think, are we; the chatters, perverts or we’re just sexually challenged?

After dismissing the thought of going serious with Alvin, I made my way back to the world of the chat room, I logged in.

I met Jay. He’s 30 years old, about 5’9. He looks good. He works in a computer company and he’s up for a promotion sometime soon. We talked about a lot of things; the things I like doing, the things we might have in common, etc. Most of our conversation evolves in the questions you normally see in a high school slam book.

I enjoyed our chat even if he didn’t initiate a meet-up that night. After two hours or so, he said that he needed to sign out so he can take a rest for his 8AM the next day. I simply replied, ok.

He asked for my number and said goodbye.

Two days passed, still, no message from Jay.

Third day came, he called me. I asked if he wants to go to my place and he said that he couldn’t, he’s at the gym. He then asked for my age and I told him that I’m only seventeen. I could tell by his silence when he heard my answer that he was shocked to know that I’m that young, he thought that I’m already twenty-one.

I never lie about my age in the chat room. Most chatters, I think, prefer younger guys. I told Jay to think hard first before making any decisions or before he go to my place to have sex with me.

He never called back. I don’t know if I felt lonely or anything that time, the only thing I knew was, it did not felt good. It was like expecting something grand to happen with a guy that I barely knew, that I really like, and it didn’t happen.

Was our grandparents’ right that if you plan something so much ahead of time, that thing will most likely fail to happen? Or I’m just expecting too much to a person I only conversed twice? That night I said to myself, I’m going to have him as my lover. I know I sound desperate, and I didn’t care.

Chatters are powerful. They can lead you on and leave you hanging. They can give you so much pain, to a point that you will yearn for it and go back for more. Chatters are not perverts, sexually challenged maybe. But they don’t consider sex as love.

Sex is like a game for the chatters. The more people you have sex with, the stronger your foundation in the chat room become and the more popular you will be in the world of mIRC.



October 7, 2003

Written by Patrick King Pascual

September 18, 2010 at 1:55 am

Sex Drought [Archive]

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September 23, 2003

Just got back from Singapore and everything has been more confusing. I heard a lot of rumors that something is going on between KC and this Puerto Rican girl, nothing’s official yet, and for me, I felt really hurt. This bisexual guy made me wait and claimed that he’s afraid that other people would judge him if he continues to have a “relationship” with me.


I saw J walking along the corridors of the University I’m attending, I was surprised. J is the perfect guy, at that time I guess, nice eyes, nice lips, nice arms, and nice hands. What more can you ask? Yeah, he’s good in bed. He’s been my fuck buddy since my junior life, we meet and like a routine; we already know what to do…

It’s been really long since our last “adventure”, the more I think of it; the more I’m starting to long for him again. It’s been two years since I felt this “thing” with him.

And last year, I said to myself that I would never ever give in (again) to his flirting, but I ate my own words, I called him.

That night after my classes ended, I dialed his number. He answered and I asked if he’s doing anything that night, he answered, “Want to drop by and play?” I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say.

It was Halloween of 2002. I messaged my friends and told them that I won’t be able to join them in the party. I went to his house and everything was like high school again. I thought it would the last time, like a closure, but I was wrong.

May of this year, I received a message from J saying: “Hi! How are you?” It tool several minutes before I replied to his message. I wondered, how did he get my number, and is this for real, he’s (once again) back to leave me hanging again?

I gave him my landline number, he called and we talked dirty. After we said our good-bye’s to each other, I told myself that it looks like this would be the last time..


Four days after, I met the chat room, also known as mIRC.
I frequently enter these two particular channels; where all the chatters are straight acting gays and bisexuals. Everything you want in bed or in a friend or for anything – are all just a click away.

If you’re looking for a relationship, there are guys in those two channels looking for a relationship. If you want to have a quick casual sex or an orgy there are a lot of guys in the chat room who frequent those two channels looking for the same.

Just click his nickname, exchange personal information and photos, and if both of you like each other,  agree for a meet-up. That easy!

Cyber sex is different. Cyber sex is silly. Sex eyeball is the new trend; it gives a new meaning to one-night relationships.

I met Alvin, a student from La Salle, in the chat room. He dons a Rico Blanco look with braces, he’s 5’8 about 145lbs, we both agreed that he’ll go to my place and have sex. After several minutes, he left and promised to message me.



September 23, 2003

Written by Patrick King Pascual

September 17, 2010 at 5:08 am

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