Suspension of Disbelief

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October 22, 2002


After he closed the door of the toilet, he immediately unzipped his slacks and pulled down his boxers.

There it was, a gift from God, it was forbidden I know but the feeling was different. This is not the first time I did this. But he was different, someone special, I think. Everyone tried and tried to get him naked and I stood in the middle of the 4th floor toilet of the new building of our school while I watched him strip.

I held his pulsating manhood and massaged it slowly. He tried to kiss me but I moved my head to the other side, he kissed me on my cheek. He insisted that he should kiss my lips, but something in me didn’t want him to.

After several attempts, he stopped reaching for my lips. I knelt in front of him and licked the tip of his manhood, it tasted so good or maybe it was just my imagination – like he was the ideal guy. He pulled me up.

“You should lick my nipples first,” J said. I was a bit shocked; he wanted a step-by-step type of making out. I licked it one-by-one, I gave it a little bite and he moaned.

After playing with his red nipples I went down to his tummy to his belly button to his hard throbbing cherry head manhood. I licked its head, and sucked it all down to its root. It was fat, I almost gagged. I gave him head for three minutes, we almost forgot that we needed to go back to our class. He didn’t come.

We went back to our seats and pretended nothing happened. He wrote on a small paper and passed it to me, “It felt so good.. Wait for me after the class.” I looked at him and smiled.

I was furious, I wanted the class to end. After 10 long minutes, the class ended.

We went back to business; we stared all over again. I started removing my polo and khakis to get ready for something. But we were disturbed by sudden knock on the door. We didn’t know what to do; we fixed ourselves as fast as we could. J opened the door and he looked outside, no one’s there.

He asked me if by any chance I could come by his house that afternoon. I said my mom would pick me up and we’ll have dinner somewhere. “We can do it some other time, right?”, he said asked smiling. “Oh yeah.” He kissed me and he left..

As I walked down the stairs of our school, I got into thinking,should I said yes and joined him and created an excuse to my mother? Should I initiated to continue what we’re doing when we found out that no one’s knocking on the door? Or was it all wrong timing?


October 22, 2002

Written by Patrick King Pascual

September 6, 2010 at 11:54 am

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