Suspension of Disbelief

Questions About J [Archive]

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April 22, 2003


How did you meet him?

Well, I’m waiting for my class to start and

doing nothing. He approached me and asked for porno.

Are you hysterical at that time?

Is Bush circumcised?

What do you care anyway?

What’s going through your mind when he approached you?

Sex, blowjob, handjob, porn, condoms………. HIM

What are the things that made you do it to him?

Love J .…. my urge.

Is there anything you need to do before everything?

If there weren’t candies, dentists wouldn’t

have a job at all.

What do you do after a scenario ended?

Nothing. I’ll fix myself and ask him what’s next. If there’s

any chance I can go round 2 I would, but if he’s

too tired I’ll try to have the feeling – I’m satisfied.

Are you not satisfied?

No, not in any way. He’s good even though there is one

thing he mentioned that he didn’t do or show while we’re doing it.

Are you still virgin when you had him?

No! Everyone knows it.

Who was your first? Is it necessary?

Do you love him? Huh? Ask me later.

How many times did you do it?

How many balls do you have?

What is your greatest frustration?

I blew my chance to lick his ass.        What do you mean?

I always dream of giving him my best.

In any case given, do you want to spend most of your life with him,

with all those things?

Is the Pope Catholic?

When will this end? I don’t know

Do you still have contact with each other?

At the moment, none.  I think, it ended when an issue about us leaked to his

friends. Everything went really wrong.

Do you still want him?

Who wouldn’t want to?



April 22, 2003

Written by Patrick King Pascual

September 9, 2010 at 8:27 am

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