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May 20, 2003

Does sex justify anything? You can’t say that if you love someone you’re willing to give everything you have. What if you’re sexually incompetent? It’s not nice to be with someone who is unable to perform well in bed.

I don’t believe in the saying, “If you love someone, you’ll accept what he really is, or in this case, how (bad) he performs in bed.”

I know someone who tells everyone that he loves his fiancée so much, but the truth is he spends most of his nights in bed with another; a woman who is more experienced in bed.

Sex is not love. It’s a big problem. You wouldn’t want to commit to someone who only knows how to give good head, or someone who can do different positions.

Finding “the one” can be tacky. You can’t just run around the Metro and date and have sex with everyone you meet. When he’s “the one” you’ll know it, hopefully, he’s not bad in bed.

What about casual sex? And one-night stands? People do this stuff to get a certain satisfaction that they don’t usually get in their partners. You can’t define it as love. It’s ridiculous. It happened to me; that’s when I met J.

He asked me if I could give him head. Hell, he’s been my crush for the longest, so why not? We did it a couple of times, but I didn’t get what I’m waiting for. I don’t think he’s such a good fuck buddy after all.

He ended our fling. He told me that he’s not available anymore and he is involved with someone. What a jerk. But isn’t it my fault? I expected something that I know is impossible.

If you’re getting into casual relationships wherein you only talk when you’re horny, don’t expect love coming out of it. And if it happens to you, keep it – it’s one in a million.

Sex justifies our personality, it can define our individuality. We can express ourselves through sex; it shows how you can communicate to a person (or two), in bed. You’re in a different world when you’re doing it. You don’t need to speak to communicate, it will rot the moment otherwise, and it’s all body language.

There are people who go for casual sex but get their strings tied. That is not casual sex that is black male – a person agrees to have sex with someone because he wanted to do it without getting himself tied. And if you let yourself get tied – that’s bullshit!

It doesn’t matter what you do in bed, it’s your intimate self, as long as it’s safe and you make your partner happy and satisfied – it’s okay. It’s an escape from reality.



May 20, 2003

Written by Patrick King Pascual

September 16, 2010 at 1:50 am

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