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The Brew, ANC [Premiere Plug]

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The Brew with Twink Macaraig, Nadia Trinidad and Gang Badoy

Premieres October 21 / Thursday / 7PM / ANC

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October 19, 2010 at 10:02 am

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Something’s BREWing on ANC… [Teaser 3]

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Premieres October 21, Thursday, 7PM




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October 15, 2010 at 12:01 pm

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Something’s BREWing on ANC… [Teaser 2]

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Premieres October 21, Thursday, 7PM



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October 14, 2010 at 8:49 am

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Something’s BREWing on ANC… [Teaser 1]

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Premieres October 21, Thursday, 7PM



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October 14, 2010 at 8:47 am

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Report on the Queeriosity Palace raid (by TLF Share)

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*this documentation was prepared by Jonas Bagas, who went to the precinct representing TLF Share, an NGO of men who have sex with men, and Akbayan Party-list.


This is a documentation of the raid conducted by police operatives at Queeriosity Palace, an establishment frequented by men who have sex with men.

While male-to-male sex is not explicitly prohibited in the Philippines, the police enforces certain laws based on their own interpretation such that these laws have the effect of criminalizing gay sex. These laws include the anti-vagrancy, anti-public scandal, and the anti-prostitution laws. The most recent and most stringent is the law against human trafficking, a non-bailable crime, which has an anti-prostitution provision.

For the police, the presence of condoms (used and unused) is evidence that prostitution is taking place, a belief founded on the premise that gay sex is transactional.


Reports on raids conducted by the police in all-male establishments include stories of extortion and other human rights abuses. The charges are oftentimes legally flawed and designed to fail.

The photo has been altered to protect the identity of the clients.

A gay/bi establishment, an exclusive members-only all-male bath house called Queeriosity Palace along  FB Harrison in Pasay City, was raided at 1 am on September 24, 2010. Membership is given to men who are of legal age only, and upon entrance it requires the presentation of the club membership ID and another valid ID.

A raiding team of around 12 policemen, in plain clothes, barged into the bath house and announced that they are conducting a raid. They took the cash box, confiscated boxes of condoms and other paraphernalia, and arrested 105 clients for allegedly violating the Anti-Human Trafficking Law. They also arrested the staff members of the bath house.

They were all told to stay in the driveway of the precinct. The manager of the bath house, who was also arrested, narrated that when he asked the police for a search warrant, he was thumped on the head, punched in the stomach, and told not to ask questions. The police reportedly ordered the patrons to stay in the main lobby of the bath house while they searched the premises for ‘evidence’ like condoms. They took away the cash box and attempted to break the security deposit boxes where members keep their valuables, including wallets and cellphones.

Some of the condoms that were confiscated by the police were provided by the Global Fund through TLF Share, AIDS Society of the Philippines, and the Pasay City Health Department.

After searching the place, they told the clients and the staff members to board the five jeepneys that were parked outside the establishment. Everyone was brought to the Criminal Investigation Division of Pasay City, which is located inside the Pasay City Hall.

The policemen in the precinct were cooperative initially and allowed the community representative* who arrived in the precinct to talk to the manager. However, when asked about the details of the raid and the charges that would be filed against the arrested individuals, they became hostile. They asked for the representative’s ID and discovered that he is a congressional staffer of Akbayan. One of the policemen derisively said, ‘O, taga-Akbayan ka pala. Binoto ko pa naman kayo. Alam ko ang pinaglalaban ng Akbayan, pero bakit kayo pumapasok sa kalaswaan?’. (“So you’re from Akbayan. I voted for you. I know what Akbayan stands for,  but why are you into promiscuity?”)
They ignored the questions asked by the representative, refusing even to give their names. They all went to a room, apparently to confer among themselves.

One or two of them would come out every so often and talk to the representative. One said that they were already preparing the documents and evidence to charge the clients and staff members for violating the Anti-Human Trafficking Act. Another remarked that the police should not be disturbed while doing legitimate police operations.

They also repeatedly said that what was going on inside the establishment was ‘masama at bawal’ (wrong and illegal), that they have videos to prove that sex was happening inside, and that they have enough used and unused condoms to prove that prostitution was taking place. They said that the raid was ‘utos ni Mayos’ (upon the Mayor’s orders).

Outside, one policeman barked at the arrested clients and ordered them to fix their formation. He also told them that what they did is wrong and violates the law. He asked who among the arrested is married, and only two men raised their hands. The policeman then said that only two would be allowed to go home, presumably because they’re the only real men in the crowd.

It was relayed to the community representative earlier that the policemen were asking for P300,000 from the establishment and P5,000 from each client.

The community representative negotiated with the police and urged them to release the detained patrons and clients, explaining that condoms cannot be used as evidence for prostitution. He also informed Rep. Kaka Bag-ao of Akbayan, who at around 4 AM contacted Pasay City Rep. Emy Calixto-Rubiano, whose brother is the incumbent Mayor of Pasay City.

At around 5 AM, one policeman, who introduced himself as Officer Bimbo, said that ‘marami na ang tumatawag dito’, admitting that “may mga nakikialam na”. (We are already getting a lot of calls, some officials are already intervening).

Shortly after, they asked the clients to line up and enter the precinct to facilitate the filing of charges. Some of the detained clients started to panic and appealed to the policemen for their release. They were scolded and told to follow orders. They were all squeezed into the small precinct. The community representative was not allowed to enter the precinct.

The head of the unit, who introduced himself ay Officer Raymund Montante (it was learned later that Montante is not his real surname), approached the  representative and said that ‘payag na kami pakawalan sila, arbor na lang’ (The clients will now be released with no charges as a  favor) and that their release was just being processed. The staff members of the establishment, however, will be charged because one of them  reportedly admitted that prostitution is indeed taking place in the bath house. The community representative clarified to the police that the clients should not be asked to pay anything for their release, and ‘Officer Montante’  assured him that no ‘processing fee’ would be asked.

‘Officer Montante’ also said to the representative that if the establishment owner is open to negotiations, the police can lower the charges from trafficking to prostitution based on the Revised Penal Code. (Note: Under the RPC, only prostituted women can be charged with the crime).

At around 6 AM, the police started releasing the clients. Those who got out told the community representative that they were actually asked to pay, from P100 to P2,000, or depending on the amount of money that the police would find in their pockets or wallets. They would take the cellphone, too, if the cash was deemed insufficient.

Some even asked the community representative for fare money so that they would at least be able to go home.
‘Officer Montante’ was informed of the situation. He said that the police officers handling the release shouldn’t ask for anything, and he said that he’ll tell them to stop collecting payment. When the same stories of extortion persisted, ‘Montante’ was suddenly dismissive and said ‘baka voluntarily naman sila nagbibigay’. (Maybe they were giving it voluntarily ).

The policemen wouldn’t allow the community representative to get near the clients while their release was being processed – they would close the door every time he attempts to go inside the precinct. Officer Bimbo told him that ‘natataranta ang mga kasama ko pagnakikita ka nila’. (My fellow officers panic when they see you). From afar, however, it was evident that money was being demanded and money was being passed.

All clients were released before 7 AM.

There was group of clients that huddled right in front of the City Hall after they were released, and they narrated that they were all asked to pay by the policemen. The mobile phones of those who have no money were taken. While lining up inside the precinct, three men begged that they be released without paying because they have no money, but they were punched in the stomach.

The staff members of the establishment was released before noon. A police report came out of the media that a raid in the establishment  resulted in the detention and filing of charges against 10 macho dancers when in reality 105 clients and 9 staff members, two of whom female, were detained.

No charges were filed at all against any of those who were actually arrested.

Resending The Open Letter to ALL Filipino LGBT Individuals, Organizations, and Allies Regarding LGBT Killings

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Since the initiative of MCCQC, SGO-Phils, OUTPhils, GABAY, IFTAS and other concerned LGBT individuals and formations last September 2009 we only have accounted a few cases (past cases were researched from news archives): Documenting these cases would provide our legislators ammunition to pass the Anti-Discrimination Bill pending in congress as well as lobbying for an Anti-Hate Crime Bill.

We make this call again to everyone: If you have heard or known of a murder or homicide case or any incident of violence which the LGBT community is targeted please send us the following information at the MCCQC e-mail or IFTAS If you are a member of any of the participating organizations mentioned in this letter, contact your community leaders:

1. Name of the Victim

2. Age of the Victim

3. Profession of the Victim

4. Date of Crime

5. Circumstances how they were killed and how they were found

6. Notes or other information on the police investigation. When available, kindly inform us too of contact persons whom we can keep in touch with so we can verify and probe deeper into the case at hand.

Confidentiality regarding information on the victims and the respondents will be ensured. We all need to act to end the killings.

The information received will be used for dialogues with the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Thank you very much! Peace and safety be with us all.

MCC or

Rev. Ceejay Agbayani



Mr. Marlon Lacsamana

Posted below are some of the cases documented and gathered from newspaper-archives (all names here are from these archives and the others are coded “unknown” to keep confidentiality):

1996 Pasig – Jay Lavarez (Project Staff, Reachout Foundation) – multiple stab wounds (murder) – unresolved

1998 Muntinlupa – Larry Arciaga (Salon owner) – multiple stab wounds (homicide) – unresolved

2003 Camp Panteleon Garcia, Cavite – Name unknown (unknown) – body found raped with multiple stab wounds – Unresolved

2004 QC – William Castro (DZAM radio announcer) – Unknown – unresolved

2004 QC – Joel Bensalla (Stay-in Beutician) – multiple stab wounds – robbery with homicide

2004 Muntinlupa – Lorna Dating (Lesbian House-help) – attempted rape and multiple stab wounds – unresolved

2004 Oriental Mindoro – Anonymous, Lesbian (Human Rights Lawyer, Vice-Mayor) – Extra Judicial Killing – Unresolved

2004 Oriental Mindoro – Anonymous, Lesbian (Human Rights Activist) – Extra Judicial Killing – Unresolved

2005 QC – Larry Estandarte (Researcher Rated K) – multiple stab wounds (robbery with homicide) – unresolved

2005 QC – Father Robert Tanghal (Priest) – multiple stab wounds (robbery with homicide) – unresolved

2005 QC – Joel Binsali (Beautician) – multiple stab wounds (robbery with homicide) – unresolved

2005 QC – Carl Roman Santos (Advertising Consultant) – multiple stab wounds (robbery with homicide) – unresolved

2005 QC – William Castro (Broadcaster) – multiple stab wounds (robbery with homicide) – unresolved

2005 QC – Eli Pormaran (Entertainment Writer) – multiple stab wounds – resolved?

2005 Davao City – Roberto Barajan (Regional Director for Region 11 – TESDA) – multiple stab wounds (murder) – unresolved

2006 QC – Melchor Vergel de Dios (Fashion Designer) – multiple stab wounds (robbery with homicide) – unresolved

2006 QC – Joselito Siervo (EP Pinoy Dream Academy) – multiple stab wounds (robbery with homicide) – unresolved

2006 QC – Francisco Uy (Businessman) – multiple stab wounds (robbery with homicide) – unresolved

2006 Bontoc, Mountain Province – Quenel dan Constancio (Student) – One stab wound at the heart (murder, homicide) – unresolved

2007 Davao City – Peter Rey Enriquez (Nursing Student) – Killed by Jay Mancao alyas Budok (disagreement on sex position) – resolved

2008 Jolo, Sulu – Romeo Lim (Salon owner) – gun-shot wounds – unresolved

2008 Jolo, Sulu – Jai Jillang (Unknown) – Stabbed and clubbed to death inside the police provincial headquarters in Jolo – Unresolved

2009 Iloilo – Epi Ramos (Doctor, HIV Advocate) – multiple stab wound – resolved?

2009 San Mateo, Rizal – VJ Rubio (Faculty – La Salle Antipolo, Writer) – strangulation (robbery with homicide) – unresolved

2009 QC – Winton Ynion (Faculty – UE Recto, Palanca Awardee) – multiple stab wounds (robbery with homicide) – unresolved

2009 Obando, Bulacan – Aries Alcantara (hairdresser) – gun-shot wounds – unresolved

2009 Dumaguete – Ambrosio Miguel Madamba (Doctor) – Multiple gun-shot wounds (murder) – unresolved

2009 Baguio City – Anonymous (unknown) – multiple stab wounds (homicide) – Unresolved

2009 Davao City – Jerrico Yu Uy (Photo Studio Owner) – Hit with blunt object on the head, found dead inside a drum filled with water – resolved?

2009 QC – Johnny Florencio C. Factora (Bank Official, PNB) – Strangulation (Homicide) – Unresolved

2009 Malabon City – Aries Alcantara (Hairdresser) – 2 bullet wounds – Unresolved

2010 Dumaguete – Jayfel Rayoso (2nd year Mass Communication Student, Siliman University) – strangled, tortured and slit at the neck (robbery with homicide) – unresolved

2010 Iloilo – Matilde Sinolan (unknown – lesbian) – Gunshot on the face – Killer (Leonides Honejar) at large

2010 QC – Enrique Esguerra (unknown) – stabbed with ice pick and a plastic bag over his head (robbery with homicide) – unresolved

2010 Qatar (From Bauang, La Union) – Anonymous (nurse) – Suicide through hanging (foul play is suspected) – resolved?

2010 Bantay, Ilocos Sur – Jeffrey Pastor Pacleb (unknown) – Hit multiple times with big stone and stabbed multiple times by a 17 year old guy

2010 Bantay, Ilocos Sur – Gener del Castillo Bautista (unknown) – Multiple stabbed wounds by a 17 year old guy.

2010 Basilan – Rolando Francisco Jr. (Parlor Attendant) – Kidnapped and Summary Executed – Abu Sayyaf Group led by Senior Commander Furuji Indama.

2010 Basilan – Dariel Quintela (Parlor Attendant) – Kidnapped and Summary Executed – Abu Sayyaf Group led by Senior Commander Furuji Indama.

2010 Marikina City – Bern Ross Oriel (unknown) – Stabbed by scissors on the neck, face and nape – Unresolved


Summer Fling [Archive]

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May 24, 2006


A lot of things changed and still changing, my view on summer flings kept on changing as days passes by. Not too long ago, I met the chatroom, meeting new people and having sex with random strangers, a one-time situation, and no communication after. But after getting used to the routine, I started to question myself, is it normal for us to fall in-love with our summer flings and to the very least of it, expect that there’s a light at the end of the dark hallway of one-night stands?

Bien went to Singapore last April 13th and he’s not (yet) back. It’s been hard for me to keep myself much preoccupied, not to think about sex like what I’m used to doing.

When its summer, unconsciously, you want to do a lot of things, things that you don’t usually get to do in other seasons like; going to the beach, learning a new sport and the indelible heat we all want to release every time.

I tried to distract myself from doing things that I might regret afterwards; so I signed up to a swimming lesson somewhere near my university and I just finished learning how to play Badminton, but this two activities I signed up for, failed to alleviate my wanting to do something else.

A week and a half after Bien left for Singapore, Jed and I went to this Mariah party in Club Government. We enjoyed the night, we enjoyed the music, but like any other events in Club Government, the party (only) lasted until 2am. Jed and I didn’t spend the night together.

When Bed celebrated its 3rd anniversary, Jed was once again my date; we went out with his friend and some of mine.


I lost track of the exact number of dates and sex partners I had while my boyfriend is away.

Christian, a 5’10 guy, muscle built and really endowed – about 7 inches long and 4-5 girth. I met him when my boyfriend went on a business trip somewhere in the Visayas region. We had sex and I really enjoyed him, his dick actually. Christian kept on planning for a second meet up but I couldn’t confirm to any of it because of my cramped schedule.

After several days of planning the second meet-up that never happen, I decided to log in again to mIrc. I logged in to the familiar sex channels and advertised my stats and profile site.

Questions kept on repeating over and over my head that I refuse to answer (I guess), why am I doing this to myself? Why am I doing this to my boyfriend? Am I’m doing this for the sake of having an airbag, so just in case that I discover my boyfriend is cheating on me, while he’s in Singapore, things wouldn’t feel that bad for me? Or am I someone who isn’t the monogamous type?


After having a few numbers of one-time only guys, I met this guy, JB. I don’t know what those two letters stand for, all I know is – he is really gifted! We met 3 times, but we only had sex once, I didn’t feel bad that it only happened one because he’s a bad top.

In one of our meet-ups, I discovered a lot of things about JB, I was secretly hoping that he might be a boyfriend material, but it turns out, he’s not! His ex is a performer in Amazing Philippines, but not the effeminate type (is it really possible?). He’s a member of the Philippine Team of badminton. And, he’s starting to fall for me.

Something inside tells me not to pursue this, and so I stopped seeing him.


My communication with my boyfriend who’s in Singapore turns sour every single day. I’m starting to feel that it was his way of saying that I should not wait for him and that I should go on with my life. It was a big FUCK OFF! And I can’t fight for the relationship; we’re islands away from each other.

And then, I met Johan, in the chatroom, he lives and works in Bangkok, and he’s here in Manila to visit his family and to spend his summer. And everything changed.


May 24, 2006

Written by Patrick King Pascual

October 6, 2010 at 6:48 am

ANC Playback: Future Perfect (Broadcast Technology)

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