Suspension of Disbelief

At the Lion’s Road

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Published in Outrage Magazine Issue 20 | 03 November 2011



They call it “The Mansion.”

It’s where you can meet different people;
A guy who could make you laugh but has the smallest dick in the room.
A straight acting gay who performs Sarah Brightman’s ‘La Luna’ flawlessly.
Someone who thinks he’s the best Lady Gaga impersonator.
A guy who likes you a lot but after blowing you, he’ll disappear.
Someone who will invite you in the dark room and later leave you for a bigger dick.
Someone who will ask you to bend over.
A mouth that can make you come more than once or twice.
And at times, someone who can be your friend.


Nakarating ka na ba sa isang lugar kung saan ang mga pinapantasya mo ay maaring magkatotoo?

(Have you ever been in a place where most of your fantasies can become reality?)


It was December of 2007, my first visit to “The Mansion”. I was with Anton, a very good friend, my partner in crime when exploring different places and/or “trips”.

I read about the place somewhere online. They reviewed it as an oldie but goodie with lots of surprises. I got curious. I downloaded the location map and messaged Anton.

We started our hunt one Tuesday evening. It was very difficult to find the place especially if you’re not familiar with the area. It took us 200 pesos, two hours, half pack of Marlboro Lights, until we finally found where Lion’s Road is.

Standing in front of us was a big red gate, housed by old bricks and wood. The aura was eerie and everything in front of us took us back to Japanese time.

Anton rang the bell. We waited.

As I lit my 12th Marlboro Lights, the big red gate opened. A middle-aged gay guy greeted us and led us in.

We were asked to sit on bench outside the main door. Anton borrowed my lighter and lit his 13th Marlboro. The guy left and went inside to call the manager.

Anton and I were whispering to each other while laughing, and quietly discussed if we’ll still go inside because we both felt scared.

“Good Morning Sir, what can I do for you?” We heard a voice coming from the door asking.

“We heard about this place and we want to be a member,” Anton answered.

He asked several questions; where did we found out about the place, do we know anyone who is already a member, and stuff. It’s not like one of those walk-in kinds of places.

After several minutes, we’re finally allowed to go inside and we became a member.

The ground floor was dark, only two lamp shades; one on the receiving area and the other on the stage area were lit. It would take time before your eyesight adjusts.

When you get inside, the stage are will greet you; they use it during big nights or whenever there’s an event, and during weeknights clients usually stay in the videoke area, it’s beside the stairs that leads to the second level and to the mini pool.

The structure of the videoke room and the stairs reminds me of the porn movie “A Body to Die For”, old and rustic. It’s like fulfilling your fantasy of having sex in an old house.

The second floor keeps the lockers and the first activity area.

From the thin cloth division of the activity room and the locker area, you can hear countless moans coming from the inside. Like a curious kid in Toy Kingdom, we went inside and explored it thoroughly.

I felt a hand touched my behind; I felt another grabbed my front. We continued walking and didn’t mind their touching.

I puffed my Marlboro Lights to give the place little illumination.

I saw three guys playing with each other on one bed, the one on top of the other, while the other is kneeling in front of the two.

I liked what I saw.

I moved to the other direction and puffed my Marlboro again. I saw two guys in a 69-position on the other bed, while the others sat around, watching, trying to join the action.    

After a quick ocular, we went out of the activity area, went down the stairs, and walked towards the pool area. We went straight to the pool bar and ordered beer and lit another Marlboro.

The bartender engaged us in a small conversation. He asked us if it was our first time in the place. Anton and I nodded.

He told us that on different days they offer different promos and themes, like; every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays is their towel night, Tuesdays is their topless night, Thursdays is their brief night (your underwear and a hand towel), Saturdays is their event night, also a towel night, and Sundays is skin night (nothing on, just a hand towel).

After a few minutes, we left the pool bar and continued exploring the place. We walked on the side of the main house to get to the back house.

As we slowly reached the dark entrance of the back house, the silhouette of the people who were standing inside caught our attention. The number of people is double compared to the ones in the first activity area. They were standing side by side with each other, waiting for someone who will engage something with them, touching each other’s bulge, kissing each other while touching someone from their behind.

It felt like we were in Sodom and Gomorrah. It would be unethical to define it as Halfway to Heaven, but it felt like it. Like all the lust in the chatroom, dark rooms of Red Banana and Bath (when they were still open), the double-movie cinema experience in Quiapo and Libertad (the years when they were still operating) were all here, jammed in this dark, spine-chilling, fantasy like place. Anton and I called it, “the dungeon”.   

No matter how hard we puffed our Marlboro’s, the darkness of the place fought the ample light of our cigarettes.

We entered the dungeon, with our hands touching the walls and our feet sliding to the unfamiliar floor – for direction inside the spacious dark place.

Anton held my hand. We walked towards the middle. We heard moans. Felt several touches from our front and our behind.

We bumped to a group of people who were engaging in an orgy-like. I pulled Anton to have a closer look to what they were doing. I puffed my Marlboro and saw the outline silhouette of five guys standing in circle and one guy was kneeling in the middle blowing their dicks one after the other.

I felt someone touched my bulge and squeezed it like he was pulling me towards him. I got distracted. I spread my arms trying to touch and find him but I couldn’t, it was too dark, all I could grasp that was in my reach was Anton.

We went outside and went to the second floor of the dungeon, the video room. Anton led the way as I lit my last Marlboro.

The television was playing a familiar porn movie.

There were 3 people in the room. When we reached the end of the stairs and walked behind the bench in front the television, their attention focused to us, they’re like waiting for a go signal from us.

There’s also an activity room in the second floor, the third and last. It’s on the other side, separated by the brick wall and the wooden wall with glory holes. I think it was strategically placed in the video area, so while watching Jeff Palmer perform his bareback scenes, you can put your dick in one of the holes and wait for someone to suck it, or vice-versa.

Anton and I decided to cruise separately, to cruise on our own, and meet each other after two hours in the pool bar.

He stayed in the video room. I went back to the dungeon.

I heard the familiar moans again; I once again felt the heat coming from the bodies having a release with each other.

I wanted to light a cigarette but I remembered I finished everything I brought. And just on my way out of the dungeon to go to the bar and buy another pack of Marlboros, I felt someone grabbed my arm; it was the familiar arm grab I felt earlier.

I don’t know if I was hallucinating, because of the lack of Marlboro smoke in my body or he was the same guy who tried to pull me earlier. My other arm grabbed his hand, and I pulled him closer to me. I wanted to kiss him. There’s something in him that draws me closer to his lips even though I haven’t seen his face yet.

He pulled me outside the dungeon for a better view of each other.

He was tall. He has a nice set of arms. His body was like of a swimmer, with a not-so flat tummy. He was wearing a baseball cap. He smiled and whispered to my ear, “Let’s go to the locker area activity room.” I nodded and followed him.

When we got inside the activity room, there were only few people; the bed near the entrance was empty. He crawled on the bed and I followed him. I turned his cap around and started kissing him.

I unbuckled his belt, and unbuttoned his cargo shorts. I pulled down his brief, and started playing with his already hard and throbbing cock.

He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled it with my underwear down to my knees. We played with each other while kissing. I turned around. We were in 69-position.

Someone tried to join us, tried to reach for my dick but he grabbed the hand and pushed it away. He continued to give me head, I deep-throated him…


This is one of the countless stories I had in The Mansion.


It was December of 2003 when The Mansion opened and catered to every gay’s fantasy and entertainment. A towel bar that changed the meaning of “bathhouse” to an unconventional way – a fantasy-driven place.


The Mansion and the experiences I had inside were all euphoric. It’s addicting, there came a time that every night, after work, I’ll meet Anton somewhere in EDSA and go there.

There’s fantasy-fulfilment when you’re inside The Mansion, like an ego satisfaction. When you’re having sex with someone, and people gather around you and jerk off while watching you get off, the feeling is amazing, it’s cathartic…


(Outrage Magazine remains the only publication for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in the Philippines.)


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