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Outrage Magazine | 04 March 2014



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It was a night of fabulous music, hot men who teased, chances to find a great encounter, and… most importantly, it was a night for a cause. That, in not so many words, may best sum up BoyCircuit International’s BlueBall 2014, recently held as the “dance party you have always imagined and will never forget.”

BlueBall 2014 is in a way a historical event in the Philippines’ party scene, particularly for the LGBTQ community, considering that it was arguably the first of its kind to happen in the country, providing Filipinos with a chance to have a glimpse what it’s like to party in Europe and in US.

“We did not come this year expecting to make a profit. BlueBall 2014 is BoyCircuit’s launch into the Philippine market, where our aim was to introduce the standard for what a BoyCircuit event is. We were very cognizant that we were an unknown commodity in the market,” Kenny Martinez, president of BoyCircuit International, explained.

Understandably, not many Filipinos are familiar with circuit parties. During the recent outing, for instance, many people (initially) preferred just standing with drinks in their hands while watching the DJ spin. BlueBall 2014 also showcased a brief spectacle of drag entertainment – this, of course, mirrors some of the “usual” performances we see in the clubs in Metro Manila.

“I noticed that there were people who seemed to be more spectators and were reserved,” Martinez said. However, “BlueBall is not about the show, it’s not about the drag performances, (which are) just part of the whole event.” As such, Martinez added that it was refreshing noting that “there was a whole other group of people that went there to dance like nobody was watching.”

Martinez added: “It was very obvious that most of the people in the crowd at the event liked to be entertained.

Music for the evening was provided by DJs Brian Cua, Sinna-G and Spencer Reed.

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“I was surprised that there was this scale of gay party here in the Philippines. We’re originally from Europe, we are just visiting. We saw BlueBall’s ad in Grindr the other night. Although the party is not as jam-packed as the ones we have in Europe, we’re still having a blast. Filipinos here are so friendly to us,” Kevin, an Italian tourist, said.

The recipient of BoyCircuit’s endowment, Project Red Ribbon, was also present at the event.

“Tonight, we celebrate. We celebrate because despite of what’s happening in our country right now, there are still concerned groups like BoyCircuit that are making tangible efforts in the community, especially to PLHIV in the Philippines. And we are very thankful for that,” Pozzie Pinoy, head of the Project Red Ribbon, said.

As such, BlueBall 2014 was, in its own way, a success; a success not only for BoyCircuit but also for the Philippine’s LGBTQ community.

Martinez assured the LGBTQ community that they will be back next year, and that it will be another experience to witness. “It will be bigger and better than this year’s,” he said, hinting that they are considering mounting another party in Cebu later this year, even if they are still keeping the details guarded.

At the end of the day, BlueBall 2014 highlighted how it is always wiser to spend money for something that will benefit not oneself, but the entire LGBTQ community. This is why gatherings like this are important in highlighting how partying can be done while also helping out.

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Outrage Magazine is the official media partner of BlueBall 2014.



(Outrage Magazine remains the only publication for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in the Philippines.)


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