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And Ryan met Sebastian

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Outrage Magazine | 18 June 2016


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“He has been my crush since I saw ‘Bubble’ (Sebastian Castro’s music video),” Ryan Chua said.

But initially, there were no intentions for the two to have an actual face-to-face meet-up.

“I was (just) thrilled when he added me on Facebook and followed me on Twitter,” Ryan added.

As is common with online friends, the two chatted now and then.

But then fate had other plans for them.

In 2013, they finally met when Sebastian invited Ryan to his art exhibit. And that first time they met, “no one had to put his best foot forward or send chocolates and flowers just to please each other,” Ryan said to Outrage Magazine.

It was not an immediate “thing”; there wasn’t even any second meet-up. At that time, Sebastian had to fly to US and Ryan had to prepare to leave for the UK for his journalism scholarship.

But their communication continued. That is, while they were away from each other, they would Skype on a regular basis and talk about different things – from Philippine politics and entertainment gossips, to ideas for Sebastian’s new songs. And there were also surprise visits in between.

Ryan-and-Seb“We became best friends first even before any love confession was made,” Ryan said.

When Ryan finished his scholarship, he returned to the Philippines. The two started living together.

As a couple, they were almost always present in LGBT-related events. But as their relationship grew stronger, it also attracted bashers, many even from within the LGBT community.

“Hearing (negative) views comes with making a relationship public, especially when it’s between two men,” said Ryan, who nonetheless noted that the observations were somewhat superficial, comparing Ryan and Sebastian on “how we look.” “But we don’t let those comments affect our relationship. Most people see only the physical. Often, they don’t see the emotional and intellectual connection.”

But just as they’ve started establishing a life together in Manila, an opportunity came up for Ryan to work for a media outlet in Beijing, China.

Being apart from each other is not new to them; after all, they started out as online friends. Now, social media has become a tool for them to constantly communicate with each other.

“It is not always easy. Being away from each other always has challenges. I miss him every day. Nothing beats physical contact and intimacy,” Ryan said. “But we’re both mature enough to appreciate the joys of a one to three-hour Skype or Facetime call. When we don’t have time to call, short messages would do.”

Sometimes they would even watch movies or TV shows together while on a video call “because enjoying anything with him is always double the fun,” Ryan added.

Though they had not planned too far ahead into the future, they are currently focused on their own respective fields, so eventually, they could enjoy their successes together.

“I am very fortunate to have a partner who knows me more deeply than anyone does, who has big dreams like I do, and who understands that, sometimes, we need to be apart so that we could build a stable future,” Ryan ended.

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(Established in April 2007, Outrage Magazine remains the only publication exclusive for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual and allied community in the Philippines.)



‘Out and Proud’ documentary to examine LGBTQI issues

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Outrage Magazine | 19 June 2014



Aside from highlighting the plight of LGBTQI Filipinos, the special will also feature the stories of “Out!” hosts JM Cobarrubias, Avi Siwa, and Jigs Mayuga.

Aside from highlighting the plight of LGBTQI Filipinos, the special will also feature the stories of “Out!” hosts JM Cobarrubias, Avi Siwa, and Jigs Mayuga.

In 2004, when GMA-7 launched the magazine TV show “Out!”, it was – in a way – groundbreaking.  The show narrated the stories of LGBTQI people in the Philippines; featured the lifestyle of people in the community; highlighted the successes of members of the community; and documented the endeavors that LGBTQI people face, whether coming out to the family or facing social disapproval.

As such, as many may claim now, “Out!” was ahead of its time as the first and only locally produced LGBTQI-themed magazine show that aired on free TV. During its short run, LGBTQI people were given a face somehow.

Out-and-Proud2As the community celebrates Pride Month this June, GMA-7, in its effort to show its support to the LGBTQI community, will be airing a documentary called “Out and Proud”.  The hour long special will attempt to answer the issues the LGBTQI people continue to face.

“’Out and Proud’ is GMA’s offering this Pride month; this is (to show) how GMA appreciates the LGBTQI community. It will feature LGBTQI people who conquered stereotypes, couples who have fought for their love, and many other stories,” JM Cobarrubias, program manager of “Out and Proud”, said to Outrage Magazine.

The documentary is also a tribute to “Out!”, a celebration of its triumphs 10 years ago.

“We want to honor ‘Out!’, a milestone GMA has achieved. So many things have happened since then, and we would like to review the milestones and breakthroughs the LGBTQI people achieved over the years,” Cobarrubias said.

The special will feature the stories of “Out!” hosts JM Cobarrubias, Avi Siwa, and Jigs Mayuga; TransMan Pilipinas’ Nil Nodalo; Internet celebrity Sebastian Castro; couple Aiza Seguerra and Liza Dino; married gay partners director Jun Lana and Perci Intalan; “My Husband’s Lover” lead actors Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo; and others.

And through the interviewees narratives, the show will attempt to answer the following: Is the society now more accepting of LGBTQI people compared to how it’s been 10 years ago? Is the Philippines really the “most gay-friendly country in Asia”? Are the efforts of the government enough to address the needs and welfare of the LGBTQs?

“We are a gay-friendly country, with so many inspiring LGBTs, and this, among other things, is the reason why LGBTQI people should celebrate Pride Month. So let’s be out and proud!” Cobarrubias said.

Out and Proud” will air on June 22 (Sunday) in GMA-7 at 10:40 PM.



(Outrage Magazine remains the only publication for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in the Philippines.)


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